5 Jobs with an MBA in International Business

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As job markets become more competitive and job requirements become more demanding, global companies are seeking qualified individuals who have an MBA in international business. Indeed, the MBA degree is the most popular graduate degree in the United States and among the most sought-after by employers in diverse industries!

There are several good MBA programs online that offer the International Business concentration. By good, we mean offering affordable tuition, quality business education, and the flexibility of online learning. Check out the MBA programs of Florida Atlantic University, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, Louisiana State University, and St. John’s University.

Here, we will take a closer look at five of the best jobs that professionals with an MBA in International Business are well-qualified for.

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Overview of the MBA in International Business Degree

While an MBA in International Business degree comes with several benefits, it isn’t for everybody either! You must determine whether it aligns with your personal interests and professional goals before making the choice. Here are a few things to keep in mind about the graduate degree. 

The MBA in International Business degree is a graduate degree that prepares students for leadership positions in international business settings. But as an MBA degree in general, it’s also versatile in the sense that it’s highly sought-after in other business and finance settings, too, such as in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and corporations. 

The time to complete MBA in International Business degree programs are within 12 to 24 months, the standard time-to-degree, but it can be as long as 36 months. If you’re in a hurry to earn the business degree, you should look into the accelerated MBA programs online with 12-month time-to-completion. But be aware that the condensed coursework and accelerated format can be challenging, to say the least. 

The number of credits for completion varies, too, with most programs requiring at least 36 credits of coursework. Every MBA in International Business also has its specific curriculum that makes it a must for prospective students to consider the course sequence, prerequisites and learning outcomes. The typical curriculum, nonetheless, consists of core business courses, concentration courses, and elective courses, a combination that ensures MBA students receive a well-rounded education with equal emphasis on both hard and soft skills.

If you worry about acing MBA standardized entrance exams, look for an MBA online with no GRE requirement.

Will You Benefit from an MBA in International Business Degree?

While an MBA in International Business degree can open doors of career advancement opportunities and lucrative earnings when it’s leveraged, you shouldn’t pursue it solely for these reasons! You must determine if, indeed, you will truly benefit from earning it, particularly as it involves spending a significant amount of money – an MBA degree costs anywhere from $17,000 to $250,000+ depending on the program – as well as your time and effort. 

If you answer “yes” to most, if not all, of these questions, then you may want to consider it. 

  • Do you aspire for leadership roles in international business, international finance, or global trade? 
  • Do you want to scale your current business from its domestic operations to the international stage? 
  • Do you aspire for leadership positions in international government agencies, such as the United Nations, or nonprofit organizations? These entities can be involved in humanitarian aid, social justice, or sustainable development work on a global scale. 

The beauty of an MBA in International Business degrees from US accredited colleges and universities is that these are recognized worldwide! You shouldn’t have issues banking on it.

Great Jobs for Professionals With an MBA in International Business

First off, we want to point out that professionals who hold an MBA in International Business degree are well-qualified for many of the business and financial occupations identified by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These occupations include management analysts, financial analysts, and project management specialists, among others involved in the daily operations of business organizations and money-related matters. 

The best thing about being in the business and finance sector with an MBA degree: The high earning potential combined with abundant career advancement opportunities! With a median annual wage of $76,850 (May 2022) and with about 911,400 projected job openings every year, now is the best time to pursue an MBA in International Business degree! (Note that the median wage for all occupations is $46,310 per year) 

With that said, here are five excellent managerial jobs for MBA graduates who specialize in international business.

International Business Jobs with an MBA in International Business

Product Manager

A global product manager is a common job for holders of international business MBA degrees. Product managers conduct competitive product analyses and market research in order to formulate the best approaches for product positioning. They create, review and manage corporate and departmental plans and objectives for products. Global product managers are product advisers and consultants, so they troubleshoot product issues for internal and external customers. Product managers must excel at developing timely and comprehensive competitive product strategies and practices. This means they must know how to determine the profitability of potential products and recommended enhancements. Some will determine pipeline products, review labeling and create materials to be used by sales teams.

Among the perks of being a product manager is the high earning potential that, according to Zippia, is $133,868 per year, on average.  Senior product managers can also look forward to faster than average job growth rate, meaning there’s plenty of jobs to go around. 

Supply Chain Manager

Supply chain managers who handle international logistics will support multiple business operations. These managers are responsible for short term and long term strategies and initiatives that promote efficiency and cost savings. Every day, they interface with regional directors, procurement managers and senior level stakeholders. They are key members of executive leadership teams. They generally have substantial supplier management expertise, such as in cost negotiations and lean logistics, as well as project management expertise, such as analytical organizational skills. Supply chain managers need excellent inventory management skills in order to establish and maintain product replenishment strategies. They may also deal with customs part classifications, large SKU portfolios and complex scheduling matrixes.

Also known as logisticians, supply chain managers are employed in a wide range of workplaces, too, including the manufacturing industry, the federal government, and in professional, scientific and technical services companies, their largest employers. Since most of them work full-time, logisticians enjoy job security although the nonstandard hours can be stressful.

Furthermore, their median wage of $77,520 per year (May 2022) makes logisticians among the well-paid business management professionals. With an 18% projected job growth rate, there will be an abundance of job opportunities for logisticians, too.

Sales Directors

Sales directors who have an international business MBA may perform a variety of duties. For example, they may create and deploy tactics and strategies for international events and trade shows. On any given day, they may collaborate with sales, marketing, product and warehouse managers. They work with sales professionals to continually improve revenue, product positioning, market channels and the number of potential clients. They need to have the ability to track and maintain budgets, properly assess financial impacts and create new product budgets. They may develop and validate big data analytics using internal and external data sources. They will then create and share reports related to sales, pricing, market share and customer performance.

If you’re already a sales manager but want to become a sales director, you should consider earning an online Executive MBA degree. The job market for sales directors is on the rise with more than 132,000 openings according to Zippia, not to mention that the $117,348 per year average salary makes for a comfortable life.

Client or Account Vice President

A client or account VP will define solutions and construct offerings that leverage resources, increase customer satisfaction and help partners achieve their goals. They provide oversight and feedback related to product or service visibility management, process frameworks and performance measurements. They help executives make informed business decisions, drive successful outcomes and develop processes, reports and key metrics that create transparency and influence strategies. Client or account VPs ensure optimal client and partner experiences by focusing on simplicity, innovation, community and user friendliness. They help establish clear value propositions, monitor corporate ecosystems and build effective collaboration frameworks across all functional areas.

Being a Vice President for client management or account management has its financial perks, too! While the actual compensation package differs, the average salary is $139,100 per year

Business Executive

Business executives perform a variety of duties and oversee different functions. For example, they may oversee global accounting teams by creating territories, establishing budgets, reviewing financial goals and setting budget achievements. They may also manage the monthly financial forecast process by collecting data and making recommendations for operational and production changes. Alternatively, sales executives may lead global meetings, manage vendor content on websites and follow up on major product inquiries with the appropriate departments. Business executives may also perform general duties like working with project management on preparing and running different projects.

Of course, being the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the ultimate goal for many MBA degree holders! Being the CEO means being the top gun although it comes with extensive responsibilities, particularly for CEOs involved in their own entrepreneurial ventures. 

The monetary perks are also part of the appeal of being the CEO of an organization! CEOs were paid $189,520 per year in median wage (May 2022). Many of the top CEOs with MBA degrees receive millions in compensation, such as Doug McMillon (Walmart), Darren Woods (Exxon Mobil), and Tim Cook (Apple).

Indeed, an MBA in International Business will prepare graduates to implement and manage programs that facilitate quality, improvement and professional development.