5 Jobs with an MBA in International Business

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As job markets become more competitive and job requirements become more demanding, global companies are seeking qualified individuals who have an MBA in international business. Here are five typical managerial jobs for MBA graduates who specialize in international business.

International Business Jobs with an MBA in International Business

Product Manager

A global product manager is a common job for holders of international business MBA degrees. Product managers conduct competitive product analyses and market research in order to formulate the best approaches for product positioning. They create, review and manage corporate and departmental plans and objectives for products. Global product managers are product advisers and consultants, so they troubleshoot product issues for internal and external customers. Product managers must excel at developing timely and comprehensive competitive product strategies and practices. This means they must know how to determine the profitability of potential products and recommended enhancements. Some will determine pipeline products, review labeling and create materials to be used by sales teams.

Supply Chain Manager

Supply chain managers who handle international logistics will support multiple business operations. These managers are responsible for short term and long term strategies and initiatives that promote efficiency and cost savings. Every day, they interface with regional directors, procurement managers and senior level stakeholders. They are key members of executive leadership teams. They generally have substantial supplier management expertise, such as in cost negotiations and lean logistics, as well as project management expertise, such as analytical organizational skills. Supply chain managers need excellent inventory management skills in order to establish and maintain product replenishment strategies. They may also deal with customs part classifications, large SKU portfolios and complex scheduling matrixes.

Sales Directors

Sales directors who have an international business MBA may perform a variety of duties. For example, they may create and deploy tactics and strategies for international events and trade shows. On any given day, they may collaborate with sales, marketing, product and warehouse managers. They work with sales professionals to continually improve revenue, product positioning, market channels and the number of potential clients. They need to have the ability to track and maintain budgets, properly assess financial impacts and create new product budgets. They may develop and validate big data analytics using internal and external data sources. They will then create and share reports related to sales, pricing, market share and customer performance.

Client or Account Vice President

A client or account VP will define solutions and construct offerings that leverage resources, increase customer satisfaction and help partners achieve their goals. They provide oversight and feedback related to product or service visibility management, process frameworks and performance measurements. They help executives make informed business decisions, drive successful outcomes and develop processes, reports and key metrics that create transparency and influence strategies. Client or account VPs ensure optimal client and partner experiences by focusing on simplicity, innovation, community and user friendliness. They help establish clear value propositions, monitor corporate ecosystems and build effective collaboration frameworks across all functional areas.

Business Executive

Business executives perform a variety of duties and oversee different functions. For example, they may oversee global accounting teams by creating territories, establishing budgets, reviewing financial goals and setting budget achievements. They may also manage the monthly financial forecast process by collecting data and making recommendations for operational and production changes. Alternatively, sales executives may lead global meetings, manage vendor content on websites and follow up on major product inquiries with the appropriate departments. Business executives may also perform general duties like working with project management on preparing and running different projects.

An MBA in International Business will prepare graduates to implement and manage programs that facilitate quality, improvement and professional development.

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