5 Jobs for Lifestyle Coaches

You may not realize how broad the life coaching field is, but there are actually a number of specialized kinds of jobs for lifestyle coaches. A generalist in coaching will cover a broad spectrum of areas that encompass their clients’ daily activities. Coaches serve as guides to help people reach their self-improvement goals, and there are lots of reasons why individuals would want to hire one. If you’re interested in the field, but are unsure of the kinds of work you could do, keep reading to discover at least five types of jobs in the lifestyle coaching field.

1. Family and Relationship Coach

One of the most popular jobs for lifestyle coaches is that of a relationship coach. This type of professional could work with clients in a romantic relationship or a family relationship. Even friends or work teams may seek the advice of relationship coaches. Family and relationship coaches often work with people to help them overcome difficulties in communication or other problems in interaction. The focus in this type of work is on achieving improvements in current functioning, rather than assessing and resolving past issues.

2. Financial and Career Coach

When considering jobs for lifestyle coaches, you may wish to specialize in career or financial areas if you enjoy helping people to discover their ideal work roles, along with identifying the ways in which they deal with money. Again, these pros assist clients in managing their current relationship with money. They focus on identifying ways to improve their finances and career prospects for the future, instead of identifying past patterns.

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3. Mental Health Coach

Mental health coaches are not therapists. Jobs for lifestyle coaches in this area are geared toward assisting clients to develop a positive and proactive mental outlook. They work on reaching specific goals along these lines like dealing with stress effectively, communicating clearly, advocating proactively for one’s needs or developing a sense of overall purpose. These coaches teach targeted skills that will help clients to reach their goals.

4. Health and Wellness Coach

In today’s busy world, more and more people are looking for ways to become healthier. For many, this journey may begin with a health and wellness coach in order to gain one one one consultation in the areas of healthful eating, weight loss, fitness and stress management. This type of coach helps clients overcome particular health related issues and encourages them to move toward more sensible lifestyle choices.

5. Executive Coach

An executive coach differs from a career coach in that this type of consultant only works with upper management or business leaders in order to provide guidance on obtaining better leadership skills. Such skills may include motivating employees, running efficient meetings, improving public speaking skills, gaining more respect on the job or developing clearer communication skills. Executive coaches assist clients to discover their leadership shortcomings and to learn ways to overcome them.

If you enjoy helping individuals to reach their goals and to move toward becoming the person they wish to be, a career in life coaching may be for you. Deciding on a specialty area and entering one of these five jobs for lifestyle coaches can bring you more opportunities and greater satisfaction in your work.

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