5 Interesting History Podcasts

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5 Great History Podcasts for All Ages and Interests

History podcasts are popular among the youngest and oldest podcast listeners. History is pure storytelling, and what better way to hear a good story than from a quality podcast of fellow history buffs? From funny to serious, there is a wide variety of the best history podcasts to choose from. Read on to learn about five interesting history podcasts broadcasting conveniently online, regularly for your listening amusement. Check out this article if you like these podcasts and you’re wondering what you can do with a degree in history.

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1. Revisionist History

Malcolm Gladwell’s multi-season 10 episode podcasts talk about the misunderstood and ignored aspects of history to bring a deeper understanding and knowledge to listeners interested in knowing the forgotten or overlooked facts regarding events, people, ideas, and more. Episodes are available for free listening online.

2. Lore

Not for the faint of heart, Lore is the podcast for history buffs who watch the scariest movie available while reading their latest non-fiction obsession. The podcast discusses unsolved mysteries and crimes throughout history, mysterious places, and disconcerting urban legends and where they came from. Now a visual series on Amazon Prime, Lore podcast episodes can still be listened to for free online. Snuggle up in your favorite blanket and quickly learn why non-fiction can be even more terrifying than the scariest book om your shelf.

3. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Filled with well-researched opinion and speculation, this podcast is great for history lovers who want to dig deeper into the makings of great history to analyze the how’s, and why’s, and draw comparisons from one piece of history to another. It may not all be based on fact, but it is intellectual entertainment at its finest. Dan Carlin is a podcast veteran, with other titles such as Common Sense. Limited episodes are available for free streaming regularly, with select titles also available for purchase.

4. Revolutions

Covering a different revolution in each season, this is a great podcast for revolutionaries or just the curious folk! Hosted by Mike Duncan, also of the History of Rome podcast, this series delves deeply into the makings of a revolution, the innards, and the aftermath of some of the biggest transformations in all of history. Learn about the inner workings of dramatic social change with Duncan’s unique and informative podcast. Both of the mentioned podcasts are available to stream for free online.

5. The History Chicks

From supporters of chicks and about chicks, this is a great podcast for those who want to learn more about fabulous women throughout present-day history. Hosted by Susan Vollenweider and Beckett Graham, learn more about many incredible women in history from entertainers, royalty, politicians, even the historical backgrounds of some of literature’s greatest, most widely known fictional females. Listen for free online.