5 Growing Subfields in Education

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Today’s Education Industry: Five Growing Subfields Within

  • International Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Special Education
  • Technology Studies
  • Distance Learning

The world of education is one that has come to be quite vast and full of specialized work opportunities for those interested. What are some of the most promising and rapidly growing subfields we see within the education sector today? Here are five top picks.

1. International Studies

Globalism, the closing of otherwise geographic and political gaps through advances in technology, is rapidly advancing right now. As a result, international studies, the educational area concentrated on business and other interactions across the globe is also becoming big business. This is a rich area of pursuit which touches on languages, cultures, international and nation-state laws, resource appropriation, and plenty more.

2. Cultural Studies

Cultural studies is another rapidly expanding area of education. While this subject can be studied exclusively unto its own, it is also a critical component to other, broader areas of study such as the above-mentioned international studies area. Cultural studies itself is the academic area that delves into all of the factors that create and dictate culture: geographic circumstance, language, values, norms, symbols, and numerous other factors.

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3. Special Education

The exact numbers in recent studies fluctuate, but they all concur on one thing – the number of children entering the US education system with special education needs is solidly on the rise. Much of this is believed to be due to higher public awareness as well as improved screening and process methods for those with disabilities. With this all said, this subfield continues to outpace worker supply in growth, creating a chronic demand issue according to the Journal of Special Education.

4. Technology Studies

The growth rate of technology, in general, has been on a remarkable track for the last several decades and only continues to double down to that end. Subsequently, the education system has also been ramping up its focus and offerings to students interested in any educational path involving technology. “Technology” here refers to computers, networks, data, information technology, coding, electronic engineering, and many other areas of advancement.

5. Distance Learning

Distance learning is the rapidly growing area of education involving the use of technology to educate over geographic distance. Most colleges and universities today provide online schooling opportunities as do many other private and public outlets. As a result, those looking to work in or utilize the services of the distance learning sector can look to a vast and growing area of choice and credibility.

Education is an area that has continued to grow and branch out for a long time now. In terms of today’s particular patterns in education, these five subfields are among some of the hottest and most noteworthy right now. In conclusion, for those wishing to learn more about the education sector in general or the subfields therein, the Association of American Educators is an excellent resource with which to inquire further.