5 Great Twitter Feeds About Finance


In this edition, we discuss five great Twitter feeds about finance. Keeping up with our finances and the trends that constantly influence them is immeasurably important. One great way of staying abreast of the latest in finances is by following the leading, authoritative Twitter feeds about finance. Here are five notables to keep on top of your list.


The official, BlackRock Twitter feed offers up-to-the-minute market information, strategies, and opinions. Those who are avid investors or touched by stock futures can find immense value in this particular feed. Just a few examples of recent topics covered by BlackRock include Fed rate changes, LIBOR rates, high-yield bonds, and the effect of Brexit on global markets. Here, money advice from the top minds in the world’s largest investment management firm is all yours, and without any cost to you.


The next spot on our list of great Twitter feeds about finance belongs to Hermes Investment Management. Hermes Investment Management is a renowned investment management firm with a track record of continued success. Visitors to the company’s Twitter feed are met with disclosures regarding its intention as a resource for professional investing only. Made aware of its no-nonsense intent, one can go on to truly bask in a wealth of finance-related knowledge. Only a few examples of recent posting topics include equity valuations, dividends assessments, foreign market opportunities, and the current PBOC status.

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For those working on tighter budgets and more interested in the topics of microfinances and microsavings, @Earn is perhaps going to be the most valuable of Twitter feeds about finance for you. Rather than focusing on the entire global economy, this particular feed focuses more on the micromanagement of our own personal finances. Frugal spending, saving small amounts of money at each pay cycle, bank fees, and even tips for saving money around the house are all the types of subject matter you can expect to find here. @Earn is a great resource for those seeking help with the earthiest levels of personal finance or simply in search of a more frugal life.


Hosting open chats and a valuable Twitter feed on personal finance resources, WiseBread helps its growing following every day. Yet another valuable resource tuned to more basic, personal finance matters, WiseBread covers a wide range of such topics including personal credit, scams, savings tips, banking advice, retirement planning, and more. The difference between this feed and many others is its level of interactivity. Visitors are encouraged to write, chat, and question by way of very real, affirming, and sincere responses by the feed’s expert writers.


This feed on finances is a little bit removed from the beaten path, but quite the resource nonetheless. With direct and very informative posts on money topics less covered by others, @TFerriss is the place to be. Money expert, entrepreneur, and 3-time, New York Times, best-selling author Tim Ferriss gives visitors plenty to think about with multiple, engaging posts, daily. Just a few of the most recent topics covered by this informative feed have included money-diet relation, philosophies on wealth, self-defeating habits to recognize and stop, and productivity tricks that can really help in the financial and even non-financial areas of our lives. You truly never know what finance remedies you may find here.

This concludes our list. Check out these valuable resources and see what you can do to improve your own financial well being. No matter if you are rich or poor, young or old, a financial guru or simply a layman, this lot of Twitter feeds about finance has something for you.

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