5 Great Twitter Feeds About Education

Social media and education have become intricately and irrevocably intertwined as technological platforms for sharing information continue to grow. Educators utilize social media to learn about new developments in their field, to share information with other educators and students, and to announce new discoveries.

Twitter, one of the original, largest, and most popular social media outlets worldwide, has become an online haven for professionals to come together and share and learn with and from one another. Here are five great Twitter feeds about education.

Karen Nemeth (@KarenNemethEdM)

Karen Nemeth is a psychologist and educator that focuses on language development in babies and toddlers. Among her many contributions to this area is her work with Language Castle, which focuses on language building skill for preschool children who are not native English speakers. She tweets about ELL and ESL developments in early education, along with information about literacy and diversity.

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Kevin Corbett (@kevin_corbett)

Kevin Corbett is a tireless advocate of technology unifying with education to enhance it, and emphasizes the value of games and social media in the classroom to boost up learning by making it fun, engaging, and relatable. He is an elearning and educational technology developer, and tweets mostly about new developments in elearning, pioneers in the field, and edtech implementation.

Brain Parade (@BrainParade)

Brain Parade explores the intersection of touch-screen tools – like tablets and smartphones – and early childhood education. In particular, this educational organization develops apps designed for autistic children and other students with developmental disabilities. In addition to tweets about its educational products, Brain Parade tweets follow recommendations for other educators and about ways to support elearning for developmentally disabled students.

ECE Webinars (@ECEWebinars)

ECE Webinars produces free webinars for educators in the field of early childhood education that are led by experts on this topic. They also tweet about developments and information on the topics the webinars they produce are based on, including diversity, community development, shared services, and child psychology.

Jose Vilson (@TheJLV)

Jose Vilson is a math teacher, diversity advocate, and the founder of #Educolor. A vociferous and unapologetic advocate for children of color in the American school system, he researches and describes problems facing public schools, particularly as they affect marginalized and disadvantaged students. His Twitter is a must-read on scholastic issues in the United States for anyone working in the public education system.

The field of education is one that requires consistent research and expansion of skills and knowledge to stay competent in the classroom. Social media platforms have made this a great deal easier by providing consistent and up to date information on developments in education, from new policies to updated teaching methods.

Twitter boasts a large community of educational professionals that consistently work to improve learning and education. These five Twitter feeds about education are just a few of the thousands available to help educators boost their professional practice – and lead the American educational system to new heights of excellence.