5 Great Apps for Accounting Students

app for accounting students

Key Takeaways:

  • Essential apps for accounting students include Becker’s Mobile App, Accounting Calculator, Mint Personal Finance, CurrencyGo, and My Accounting Teacher.
  • Becker’s Mobile App aids in CPA exam preparation, while the Accounting Calculator provides necessary functions for accurate calculations.
  • Apps like Mint help track personal finances, CurrencyGo offers currency conversion, and My Accounting Teacher covers basic concepts effectively.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that accounting jobs are growing steadily, and average income for accountants is well above the national average for all positions. Accounting coursework can be challenging, but earning a degree in the subject can open up lucrative opportunities for college graduates. These five accounting apps help students do their best and provide the supplemental support that students need to succeed.

Super Accounting Learning App Options

Becker’s Mobile App

Students can improve their chances of landing a dream job by earning a CPA designation, and one of the major steps of receiving the CPA title is taking an intense, four-part exam that covers everything related to accounting and finance. Becker’s CPA Exam Review has been the gold standard in CPA review courses for years, and the company’s mobile app makes it easier to fit in studying at any time. The app even keeps track of the number of days until a scheduled exam to keep students on track.

Featured Programs

Accounting Calculator by Yuki Muramatsu

Standard calculators do not have the functions needed for accounting students to complete their homework and study for important exams. This accounting calculator includes percentage calculations and functions for including and excluding tax to ensure accurate results. Up to 12 digits can be displayed on the screen, so accounting students who are working on complex calculations can make sure that rounding does not cause inaccuracies when they get a final answer. One of the best features of this accounting calculator is that it is completely free.

Mint Personal Finance and Money

While the Mint app is intended to keep track of personal finances, tracking personal income and expenses gives accounting students a hands-on opportunity to put their accounting skills to the test. Using the Mint app is free, and students can link the app to their loan and bank accounts to track net worth and see their income grow as they transition into a long-term career. Email alerts can be set to ensure that students are aware of their bill due dates and know when their bank account balances are getting low.


Finance and accounting students alike will appreciate the up-to-date currency conversion references that can be found on CurrencyGo. Exchange rates are sourced from banks and financial institutions around the world to ensure that the latest conversion rates are used. Students who are interested in international accounting can impress their professors by using the most accurate exchange rates, and data sources are provided to ensure that students are able to show where they got their information.

My Accounting Teacher by Jaxon Media

It is not always easy to get a handle on complex accounting functions without the help of supplemental materials that go beyond the classroom and textbook. My Accounting Teacher is an app that covers basic accounting concepts thoroughly by using definitions, examples and videos to help students understand their coursework. The first two modules contain approximately 45 minutes worth of materials to get students started, and additional modules can be purchased for 99 cents each.

Choosing accounting as a major opens up many possibilities for students, but success in accounting courses requires student to take a proactive role in their education. The apps outlined above are ideal to use as supplemental materials that help students succeed in their pursuit of an accounting degree. If your interested in the types of accounting degrees out there, we have articles like this one that spotlights high value forensic accounting degrees.