5 Careers for Nutrition Degree Graduates

  • Nutritional Therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Food Safety Auditors
  • Food Technologists
  • Health Promotion Specialists

People who are interested in careers for nutrition degree graduates will be glad to know that there are many great options available to them. Nutrition professionals are employed by a large variety of businesses and organizations including social service agencies, hospitals, public and private schools, child and adult day care centers, nursing homes, and food manufacturers. Just a sample of the careers available to nutrition graduates can be found in the sections that follow.

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1. Nutritional Therapists

One career for nutrition degree graduates that is growing in demand today is known as a nutritional therapist. The primary goal of nutritional therapists is to improve and manage various health issues by promoting healthy living and proper nutrition. Their typical clients are usually persons with chronic health issues such as persons with diabetes, digestive disorders, skin problems, and depression. Common daily tasks of nutritional therapists often include interviewing and evaluating clients, conducting laboratory tests, designing dietary plans, assessing the effectiveness of dietary plans, and counseling clients about proper nutrition as related to their health issues.

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2. Nutritionists

One of the most popular careers for nutrition degree grads is that of a nutritionist. Positions in this field are expected to increase at a rate of about 11 percent until 2028 according to the United States Department of Labor. While some nutritionists choose to work independently, many are employed by hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and public health centers. Common responsibilities of these professionals include designing meal plans, counseling clients on good nutrition, and teaching clients about proper food selection.

3. Food Safety Auditors

Another great career choice for nutrition degree graduates is to obtain a position as a food safety auditor. Food safety auditors most commonly work for government agencies or private companies and are required to spend much of their time traveling. These professionals are responsible for inspecting the quality of food and food products at such places as manufacturing plants, food processing centers, and commercial slaughterhouses. Persons who choose this career may be required to obtain food science certification to advance to upper-level positions.

4. Food Technologists

Food technologists are also among the most popular careers for people with nutrition degrees. These experts can be found working in such places as hospitals, schools, restaurants, research laboratories, and manufacturing plants. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that food development procedures are safe and efficient. Depending on the needs of their employers, they may also be responsible for such tasks as creating new recipes or product ideas, making sure that food products are labeled properly, improving preservation and packaging practices, and conducting research.

5. Health Promotion Specialists

Yet another excellent career for graduates with nutrition degrees is known as a health promotion specialist. Health promotion specialists help both individuals and groups improve their overall health and well-being. They are commonly employed by hospitals and various other medical facilities, school systems, social service agencies, and large businesses. Their daily duties may vary depending on the current needs of their employers, but some things they may be responsible for include counseling individuals on health issues, creating and implementing health promotion campaigns, and conducting research to find new ways to improve health.

The field of nutrition goes beyond simply counseling people on how to eat properly. Nutrition experts also study the science behind food consumption and how different foods are essential for bodily functions and growth. There are many terrific careers for nutrition degree graduates, and five of the most popular careers in this field can be found discussed in the sections above.