5 Careers for History Majors

history careers
  • Librarian
  • Museum Educator
  • Lawyer
  • Historian
  • Public School Teacher

Many individuals may think that earning a degree in history limits career opportunities, yet the skills acquired can prepare you for a multitude of pathways. Here are five excellent careers for history majors.

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Someone who loves to deepen their thirst for knowledge will enjoy a career as a librarian. Considered part of the information science field, librarians serve essential roles in their respective communities. In 2019, a librarian has much more to organize than books alone because they are now responsible for the digital impact in the age of technology. A librarian must be efficient in organizing the information and answering inquiries from visitors. Many of them work in a public library or with students in a school setting.

Museum Educator

The love of learning about historical information can serve you well in this role. A museum educator is an excellent history major career for those who want to spread their enthusiasm. The primary duty of a museum educator is to ensure visitors of all ages understand the exhibits. If someone enjoys working children, this career will be well-suited for them. Many times field trips for school are taken to a museum, so it’s essential to be comfortable speaking in front of a large group. Work hours are typical of a normal workday, but some weekend or evening hours could be required to work on developing the lessons for the program. This career in history can be gratifying.


Many history majors have all the necessary skills to become successful lawyers. Using a tremendous source of data, lawyers need to develop convincing arguments. The analytical skillset that they have developed will flow effortlessly into this career path. Critical thinking is a vital skill set, but the options are wide open if someone has any interest in law. The pay scale also is good for lawyers because of the number of duties they are in charge of. According to theBureau of Labor Statistics, lawyers had a median salary of over $120,000 per year in 2018. The hard work can be worth it.


It wouldn’t make sense to leave out a historian as a good career for history majors. A historian is an expert with much-needed skills who can work for many different organizations. Having a keen sense for detail, historians are adept at making sure they provide accurate information to the public eye. History encompasses vast amounts of data, so they usually have their knowledge concentrated in a specific time. Enjoying the challenge of making sure historical claims are accurate is a critical function of a historian.

Public School Teacher

A school setting provides an excellent opportunity for a rewarding career for history majors. A degree in history can serve someone well who wishes to use their knowledge to impact the youth of the country. A history teacher can enjoy making certain topics fun with innovative ways of presenting the information. Many states are currently looking for qualified teachers who have gone completed specific training in their field of study. Students will need a teacher who can explain historical information in a way that understandable and exciting.

Careers for history majors are varied and exciting. If someone wishes to have a rewarding experience, it can be an excellent path to pursue.