5 Apps for Sports Management Students

apps for sport management
  • SportsEngine
  • TeamSnap
  • Quizlet
  • Study Buddy
  • Google Drive

The five best apps for sports management students include apps that help them organize their time and keep track of sporting events. Students in sports management college and university programs learn how to both manage athletes playing at the professional level and how to handle the daily operations of sports facilities. These apps can help them in school and once they earn their degrees.

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1. SportsEngine

A popular app is SportsEngine, which uses cloud technology to help students keep track of multiple sports organizations. Some of the classes they take will ask them to create budgets and marketing plans for sports organizations or facilities. They often need to submit work that shows how they would keep track of appointments and other information. This app makes it easy for students to organize their resources and to find accurate information that they can use in their assignments.

2. TeamSnap

One of the highest rated apps for iPhone users is TeamSnap, which helps users keep track of schedules and save some time. Designed for team managers and other professionals, the app allows users to input data and view information before a big game. Not only can they see the weather called for that day, but they can also view where the game takes place and which teams play. This app can also access a user’s contact list and send messages to every player on the team.

3. Quizlet

Sports management majors at both the undergrad and graduate levels need to prepare for upcoming exams and quizzes. Quizlet is an app that more than 40 million students and professors use every month. It is available for free and works on both iPhones and Android phones. Users can create digital flashcards that they use to go over key terms before a big test. They can also create and share quizzes and use the app to view the work that others created. The app is also fun for users because they can use the homepage to view where other users are and what they are studying.

4. Study Buddy

Many students find that they procrastinate and put off work that they need to do. Others try to sit down and work but become distracted by Facebook and other social media sites. Study Buddy is an app designed for iPhone users that helps them keep track of their time. As one of the best apps for sports management students, it allows them to take as many breaks as they want and view how much time they spent working vs. goofing off. The app also lets users set breaks of up to 30 minutes and reminders that tell them when they need to get back on track.

5. Google Drive

Sports management students often do group projects that involve one or more other students. Google Drive is a solid app that helps them keep track of the work that others do and share their projects online. According to U.S. News and World Report author Kelsey Sheehy, it is also one of the top five apps for all college students. Users can create new documents and share those documents with others. They have access to many tools that allow them to edit their work too. Some colleges even let students submit work through Google Drive for class credit.

Apps for college students completely changed the way that students do work and manage their time. The top five apps for sports management students can help them manage their time and complete their assignments.