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The Best College and University Museum in Every State

CVO-Top University Museums

By CVO Staff

Like universities, museums strive to educate and inspire. Therefore, it shouldn’t be too surprising that some of the best museums are those of colleges and universities. To shine a light on these beacons of learning, we went on the hunt for the very best college and university museum in every state (plus Washington D.C.!). 

While some states have only one or two university museums, others have five or more. To help us choose between multiple great museums, we based our search on the following criteria:

    • A permanent collection spanning multiple historical and cultural periods, regardless of subject
    • Size of the collection
    • Unique opportunities for university students
    • Significant community involvement


The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Auburn University

Founded in 2003, the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art has been entertaining and inspiring people for almost two decades now. The museum contains hundreds of beautiful paintings, sculptures, photographs, and prints dating from the 18th century. Rotating exhibitions are also hosted throughout the year. The museum is home to many highlights, and visitors shouldn’t miss Dale Chihuly’s Amber Luster Chandelier, the 40 rare Tibetan bronze sculptures, or sculpture artist Jean Woodham’s beautiful geometric outdoor piece.


Museum of the North, University of Alaska

You might not think about museums when you think about a visit to Alaska, but we think Museum of the North should be an exception. It’s located on the campus of University of Alaska. This unique museum is home to nearly 1.5 million specimens and artifacts. So that visitors can see it all, the museum is carefully organized into 10 categories including earth sciences, mammals, archaeology, and the fine arts. It’s all fascinating, but can’t-miss items include a 36,000-year old mummified steppe bison and a large collection of ancient ivory carvings. The museum also doubles as a research and teaching museum, complete with specimen preparation labs and research laboratories.


University of Arizona Museum of Art

University of Arizona-Top Accredited Online CollegesThe University of Arizona first established and opened its Museum of Art in 1933. Since then, the impressive museum has acquired more than 6,000 paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of art. Several masterful works can be found here, including many from the European Renaissance period. American and Americana pieces are another strength of this great museum in Arizona.


University Museum, Arkansas State University

The University Museum at Arkansas State University has established itself as a go-to educational resource for locals. This includes hundreds of local school children per year. The museum brings Arkansas history to life, offering lots of interesting exhibits and hands-on activities. Some of the especially popular exhibits include a settlement-era Trading Post, a Mastodon from Arkansas’s Crowley Ridge geological site, and a fun exhibit illustrating what it’s like to “live off the land.”


Berkeley Natural History Museums, University of California at Berkeley

The University of California system has a lot of impressive museums. But when it comes to the very best university museum in California, we think Berkeley’s natural history museums are the clear winner. In fact, Berkeley has so many natural history specimens, they require six separate museums! For some of the most beautiful butterflies on display anywhere, check out the Entomology Museum. The Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology has hundreds of artifacts from throughout human history, while the Botanic Garden has some 10,000 different plants from all around the world. Our favorite, however, is the UC Museum of Paleontology. Here, check out the exhibit on archaeological digs while awing over the real T Rex that towers over museum visitors.


University of Colorado Museum of Natural History

Fewer than 5% of American museums receive accreditation from the American Association of Museums, and the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History is one of them. Each year, thousands of students, school groups, and other visitors make their way to the museum to see the more than 4 million artifacts on display. These artifacts span a variety of subjects, including botany, anthropology, and paleontology. Teachers and parents of young children will also enjoy the museum’s many programs and activities designed especially for students in K through 12.


Yale University Peabody Museum

Yale University is home to the world-class Peabody Museum. The university began collecting its thousands of artifacts and specimens as far back as the 1700s, and today, the Peabody’s many exhibits are known and respected worldwide. Pro and amateur anthropologists alike travel from far and wide to experience Yale’s impressive selection of Incan artifacts. Meanwhile, younger visitors never fail to find awe in the dinosaur exhibit.


Old College Gallery, University of Delaware

Of University of Delaware’s three impressive museums, the Old College Gallery is definitely the standout. The gallery itself is housed in a beautiful 1834 building which is now included on the National Register of Historic Buildings. The museum’s spectacular collection includes artistic works from ancient times to modern, and from all over the world. Highlights include ceramics done by Pre-Columbian Native Americans, 20th- century American paintings, and a stunning collection of 18th- and 19th-century Russian icons.


Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida

The Florida Museum of Natural History at University of Florida takes full advantage of the state’s warm climate when it comes to ensuring its visitors enjoy a unique experience. Indeed, the museum’s most popular exhibits are all located outside. A series of specially built trails meander through various eco-systems, with an interesting array of natural wildlife to see in each. The museum’s butterfly exhibit is especially interesting and popular, as is the beautiful wildflower garden.


Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University

Emory University’s Michael C. Carlos Museum has established itself as one of the best university museums in the country. Founded in 1919, the museum holds more than 17,000 artifacts dating back to the late 19th century. Its impressive collection consists mostly of ancient artwork, although the museum also houses a number of other must-see specimens, including many impressive archaeological finds. Even the museum’s building is artistically impressive. Designed by architect Michael Graves, the museum hosts more than 100,000 people and 30,000 school children each year in an attempt to display the powerful ways in which “art transforms society.”


John Young Museum of Art, University of Hawaii at Manoa

In addition to being one of the most impressive museums at the University of Hawaii, the John Young Museum of Art is also an interesting museum for tourists and Hawaiian locals alike. For free admission, museum visitors can wander through two impressive galleries. One gallery contains a beautiful collection of tribal artwork, while the other consists of artwork from Asia and Southeast Asia. Additionally, the museum hosts various art history exhibits, some artists-in-residence, and a full calendar of educational events for all ages.


Idaho Museum of Natural History, Idaho State University

According to its mission statement, the Idaho Museum of Natural History aims to “actively [nurture] an understanding of and delight in Idaho’s natural and cultural heritage.” The Gem State does have quite a natural and cultural heritage. The museum doubles as the official state natural history museum of Idaho. It includes fascinating collections on everything from anthropology to earth science to ethnographic photographs. The museum also hosts a series of interesting educational programs, including week-long experiences where school-aged children can take part in hands-on natural science activities.


The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

The city of Chicago has some very impressive museums, and The Oriental Institute holds its own against even the biggest and most popular. Researchers associated with the Institute have participated in excavations and studies throughout the world. Its reputation is evidenced by the museum’s impressive artifacts from places like Egypt, Iran, Israel, and Syria. Each fascinating exhibit is well organized. The many highlights include a 40-ton bull’s head from Persepolis and a statue of Tutankhamun, among seemingly countless others. Plus, it’s free, making it a more economical alternative to many other Chicago museums.


Indiana University Art Museum

Founded in 1941, the Indiana University Art Museum is one of the most impressive college museums in the country. The museum houses more than 45,000 objects “from antiquity to contemporary, from west to east.” In addition to the many standout exhibits, visitors will find a full calendar of educational programs, student internship opportunities, and a unique Curriculum-Structured Gallery Program for school children. Collection highlights include a hieroglyph-covered Egyptian mummy case, Picasso self-portraits, and one of the largest jade hei tiki pendants known to exist.


University of Iowa Museum of Art

The University of Iowa is an ardent supporter of artists of all types, and that respect extends to its Museum of Art. The museum’s collection is quite extensive and includes pieces from all mediums, cultures, and time periods. The collections of African artworks and contemporary American pieces are only a few of the many highlights.


Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas

The mission statement of the Spencer Museum of Art at University of Kansas states the museum’s goal to “spark curiosity, inspire creativity, and create connections among people.” To fulfill its mission, the museum displays an excellent collection of Medieval work, plus more than 35,000 pieces of Native American, European, East Asian, and American art. Spencer also hosts a full calendar of events meant to bring the community together “to explore uncommon ideas for the common good.” Plan your trip to Spencer to coincide with one of the many fascinating Artist Talks in the museum’s Idea Café.


University of Kentucky Art Museum, University of Kentucky

Located in the Singletary Center for the Arts on the University of Kentucky campus, the U.K. Art Museum is easily Kentucky’s most impressive college museum. It’s full of notable names, including Gilbert Stuart, Alexander Calder, Jean Dubuffet, Sam Gilliam, and Agostino Carracci, among others. As visitors wander through the various galleries, they’ll be sure to find the many exhibits — ranging from Old Masters of European Tradition to modern Non-Western art — extremely impressive.


Paul and Lulu Hillard University Art Museum, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

If the purpose of a museum is to educate and inspire, then everything about this university museum is inspiring. The Paul and Lulu Hillard University Art Museum is housed in a beautiful 33,000-square-foot building designed by the architects Eskew+Dumez+Ripple. The museum’s permanent collection contains more than 2,000 pieces dating from the 18th century. These include more than 150 paintings by the American Modernist Henry Botkin, a series of late-19th-century Japanese woodblock paintings, and a stunning group of folk art pieces. The Hillard University Museum also boasts an impressive collection of pieces done by Louisiana natives in celebration of Southern heritage.


Bowdoin College Museum of Art

Before you even enter Bowdoin College’s impressive university museum, it’s clear that everything about the Museum of Art is a celebration of all things artistic. The museum is an official stop on the Maine Art Museum Trail. It’s housed in the Walker Art Building, an historic, late-19th century structure listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Enter through the main entrance and you’ll quickly be struck by just how impressive Bowdoin’s museum really is. The stars of the show are certainly the drawing and paintings by the Old Masters. However, visitors should also check out the other European pieces, and the many family portraits donated by the Bowdoin family.


University of Maryland Art Gallery

Located on the University of Maryland campus at College Park, the University of Maryland Art Gallery is home to almost 2,500 objects. This impressive collection includes hundreds of paintings, sculptures, sketches, and photographs. In addition to its permanent collection, the university’s art gallery also hosts a full calendar of exhibits. Such prominent artists as Louis Faurer, Chip Lord, Ian Hornak, and John Baldessari have all showcased their work at the gallery at one time or another.


Harvard University Museum of Natural History

Between the museums of Smith, Williams, Amherst, Brandeis, and Harvard, the colleges of Massachusetts have some world-class museums. But of them all, we’ve chosen Harvard’s Museum of Natural History as the very best in the Bay State. This family-friendly museum contains long halls of exotic animals, an impressive collection of fossils from all over the world, dozens of rare gems, and myriad anthropological artifacts. The collection rivals that of any of the Smithsonian museums. Harvard’s Museum of Natural History also hosts a full calendar of thought-provoking and fun events for natural history lovers of all ages.


University of Michigan Museum of Art

The University of Michigan Museum of Art offers so much more than your typical museum experience. Yes, this world-class museum has paintings, sculptures, and other visual treats. It also has meeting spaces, a store, relaxation spaces, reception rooms, and a calendar full of events dedicated to the visual, literary, and performing arts. Interestingly, the museum is also at the forefront of a project seeking to identify various objects stolen by the Nazis during World War II. As these objects are found and classified, they are also put on display to the public.


Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota

If the Weisman Art Museum looks a little familiar, you’re likely comparing it to the ultra-modern Guggenheim Museum located in Bilbao, Spain. Both beautiful buildings were designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry. But the Weisman’s magnificence isn’t limited to its exterior. The museum is home to one of America’s largest public art programs. In addition to the more than 30 public art pieces around campus, the museum is home to paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe and other famous artists, a unique collection of Korean furniture, and even some examples of prehistoric art.


University of Mississippi Museum

No matter what one’s interests, there is something for everyone at the University of Mississippi Museum. Like so many other impressive college museums, this one is full of beautiful works of art, such as antiquities of the Greek and Roman eras, more than 500 scientific and medical instruments dating from the 1800s, and an impressive folk art collection, among much more. A full calendar of rotating exhibits also make their way through the museum. Unlike most other university museums, this one also includes two historic homes, one of which once belonged to William Faulkner.


St. Louis University Museum of Art

Perhaps it’s not so surprising that one of the country’s most preeminent Roman Catholic colleges boasts one of the most impressive collections of religious art. The St. Louis University Museum of Art is home to the Western Jesuit Missions collection made up of religious artifacts dating from the 13th to 20th centuries. Of course, religious art isn’t all this great museum has to offer. Guests to the university are also sure to enjoy the John and Ann MacLennan Collection of Asian Decorative Arts (one of the largest collections of its kind in the world), the sculpture garden, and even the beautiful Beaux Arts building in which the museum is housed.


Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum, University of Montana

There is no other university museum quite like this one. As fascinating as the University of Montana’s Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum is for visitors, the museum is first and foremost an active research facility. In fact, it’s currently the largest zoological cache of its kind in the Western United States. The museum houses specimens of nearly 15,000 mammals, 7,000 birds, and 3,200 fish. For those interested in the wildlife of the Northern Rocky Mountains, the Wright Zoological Museum has the most extensive information base in the world.


University of Nebraska State Museum

The impressive University of Nebraska State Museum is one of the oldest and biggest museum collections in the Great Plains. The museum specializes in topics related to botany, entomology, and paleontology. It boasts artifacts and specimens from North America, Africa, Oceania, and the Amazon region. Of the more than half-million pieces housed in the museum, some of the most impressive include 40,000+ ethnological pieces, 11,000+ bird specimens, 8,500-piece fish collection, and more than 310,000 plant specimens.


Fleischmann Planetarium & Science Center, University of Nevada, Reno

It shouldn’t be too surprising that Nevada’s entry on our list of the best university museums in each state is a planetarium. After all, there’s quite a lot of beautiful sky in the Silver State. Specifically, the Fleischmann Planetarium at University of Nevada, Reno was the first of its kind in the U.S. to feature a 360-degree projector. It provides visitors with unique views of horizon-to-horizon images and cool time-lapse photography. Planetarium visitors can take part in the public star shows to see such neat things as an entire day’s weather sped up into only a few minutes. Even the planetarium’s building is impressive. Designed by a local architect and built in 1963, the hyperbolic paraboloid-shaped building is included on the National Register of Historic Buildings.

New Hampshire

Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College’s Hood Museum of Art has a collection that’s older than the United States of America! Since 1772, the Hood Museum has collected nearly 70,000 artifacts from places like Europe, Africa, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and of course, the Americas. Everything about the museum is dedicated to education. Dartmouth Medical School students take part in “The Art of Clinical Observation,” during which they use museum pieces to enhance their visual skills. Senior interns also take part in “A Space for Dialogue.” Throughout this unique program, students come up with a “provocative, thoughtful grouping of objects to be put on display for the public.”

New Jersey

Princeton University Art Museum

This art museum is as world-class as its host university. Started in the 1750s, Princeton’s collection boasts nearly 100,000 items from all parts of the world. Some highlights of the collection include more than 20,000 photographs dating from 1939 to modern times. There are modern paintings by artists like Manet, Monet, Kandinsky, Picasso, and many more. Fortunately, the museum offers guided tours to ensure its visitors see it all. Various events are offered throughout the year. The museum also offers unique travel opportunities in which groups can travel to educational destinations worldwide.

New Mexico

University of New Mexico Art Museum

New Mexico is beloved as the home of southwestern art. That cultural tradition is celebrated at the University of New Mexico Art Museum, which also has the largest collection of fine art in the state. The museum’s 30,000+ pieces include hundreds of photographs, ranging in age and style from daguerreotype to digital. There are also several Old Master paintings and sculptures, plus some early modern and contemporary pieces. Most impressive, however, is the museum’s collection of Georgia O’Keeffe paintings, which the artist bequeathed to the museum in 1979.

New York

The West Point Museum, United States Military Academy

Anyone who loves American history or is interested in military history is sure to love The West Point Museum at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York. The cornerstone of this great university museum is the Revolutionary War collection, an incredible lot of guns, artillery pieces, uniforms, and more dating from America’s colonial period. As the West Point Museum has grown over the last two centuries, it has acquired other spectacular pieces relating to military history, artwork and sculptures, and even mineralogy.

North Carolina

Nasher Museum of Art, Duke University

Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University welcomes more than 100,000 visitors each year. Not bad for a museum that has existed for fewer than 15 years. Nasher is home to more than 13,000 pieces of art of all different media, time periods, and locations. Highlights include a collection of Medieval artwork, pre-Columbian American art, and Classical Antiquities. Even the museum’s $24 million building, designed by architect Rafael Vinoly, is a work of art in its own right. Finally, Nasher also offers Duke students and local community members a wide variety of education programs and events.

North Dakota

University of North Dakota Art Collections

If a trip to a European art museum isn’t in the cards, then the University of North Dakota Art Collections is the next best thing! The collection includes dozens of interesting historical pieces, some of which date back to ancient Egypt. Early pottery, metalwork, and even some beautiful examples of Chinese calligraphy are also on display. Especially impressive is the list of artists represented in the museum. These include Salvador Dali, Audrey Flack, and Andy Warhol, to name a few.


Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College

There is some tough competition, but Oberlin College’s Allen Memorial Art Museum is the most impressive university museum in the state of Ohio. A teaching museum, Allen Memorial Art Museum thrives on art education. Of the various programs, one of the most impressive is the museum’s art rental program. Students and faculty are allowed to rent art pieces for a mere $5 per semester. Who wouldn’t want one’s favorite Picasso hanging in the dorm room? The museum’s collection includes 14,000 pieces from myriad cultures and countries. Highlights include European and American paintings, plus the various Italian Renaissance-style architectural features of the museum’s building.


Gilcrease Museum, University of Tulsa

The University of Tulsa manages the city-owned Gilcrease Museum as part of a unique partnership between the public and private sectors. Though the museum boasts a wide variety of things to see, it’s especially well respected for its exhibitions on the history of the West. These include dozens of fascinating Native American artifacts and information. Additionally, the Gilcrease Museum has a full calendar of fun, family-friendly events including trunk shows, workshops, art classes, and a summer camp.


University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History

In 1876, the famous minister-turned-paleontologist Thomas Condon left an extensive fossil collection to the University of Oregon. That collection has now become the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History. It’s one of the most important anthropological and paleontological collections in the Western United States. Hundreds of thousands of fossils, artifacts, and biological specimens now call the museum home. Visitors can get up close to many of the artifacts throughout the museum, meander through the beautiful Glenn Starlin Native Plant Courtyard, and get hands-on in the interactive laboratory.


University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Philadelphia has some of the best museums in America. That includes the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at University of Pennsylvania. Housed in a beautiful historic building, the museum boasts thousands of artifacts that tell the history of humanity from ancient times to modern. Collection highlights include exhibits on Ancient Egypt (including a 13-ton sphinx dating from 1200 B.C.), Ancient Rome, China, and MesoAmerica, among others.

Rhode Island

RISD Museum, Rhode Island School of Design

For such a small state, Rhode Island has a surprising number of impressive museums. But topping Brown University’s Haffenreffer Museum, the museums at University of Delaware, and even the U.S. Naval War College, is the museum at Rhode Island School of Design. The museum was founded in 1877. It includes more than 100,000 objects relating to history and culture, from ancient times to modern. The museum offers a full list of programs for students. These include internships, traveling exhibitions, a Museum Fellows program, and various research programs. For visitors and other design lovers, the museum offers an Art and Design Lab for High School Students, open studio times, See and Sketch opportunities, and Tours for Tots.

South Carolina

McKissick Museum, University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina’s McKissick Museum seeks to “bring Southern history to life through careful research and dynamic exhibitions.” The museum is housed in an historic building on the famous historic Horseshoe. It contains more than 14,000 objects. This impressive collection includes an extensive grouping of minerals and other Natural Science pieces, paintings by such artists as Eldridge Bagley and Jonathan Green, political memorabilia, and objects specifically relating to the history of the university. Additionally, McKissick is home to the Folklike Resource Center. Founded in 1985, this unique center includes hundreds of pieces and valuable research on traditional southern crafts and cultural traditions.

South Dakota

South Dakota Art Museum, South Dakota State University

The South Dakota Art Museum at South Dakota State University declares itself to be the “state’s artistic gem.” We have to say we agree! This standout museum is a haven for students and researchers. Students have access to various workshops and internships made available by the museum. Visitors will love the variety of pieces on display, which include the world’s largest collection of works by the American artist Harvey Dunn. Additionally, the museum brings in 17 new exhibits each year.


McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture, University of Tennessee

The McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture is a fascinating museum located on the University of Tennessee campus. The museum’s permanent collection includes a variety of object types. These include artifacts from ancient Egypt, decorative arts from a variety of time periods, archaeological information about some of Tennessee’s earliest inhabitants, fossils, and the unique Civil War Experience. The McClung also invites various temporary exhibits each year on the topics of art, culture, and history.


Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin

The Harry Ransom Center is one of the best college museums in the state of Texas. It’s also one of the best college museums in the country. With more than 65,000 art pieces (including hundreds of historical documents and photographs), the Ransom Center offers something of interest for just about everyone. There’s also a full calendar of special events. Plus, the museum is free and family-friendly.


Brigham Young University Museum of Peoples and Culture

The goal of the BYU Museum of Peoples and Culture is to provide an atmosphere in which “the heart and mind are brought together.” To accomplish such a lofty goal, this large museum offers its students, guests, and visitors a theater, study rooms, a cafe, classrooms, a sculpture garden, an auditorium, and a ton of cool things to see. In fact, the museum boasts more than 17,000 pieces in 10 exhibition galleries. Students interested in topics covered by the museum can take part in an impressive internship program. They can work with educators, curators, exhibition designers, and marketing specialists.


Fleming Museum, University of Vermont

The building which houses it is impressive enough to earn the Fleming Museum a spot on our list of the best university museums in each state. The soaring Victorian Era building boasts stunning arched windows, a double staircase straight out of Old Hollywood, and a Greek Revival rotunda of white marble. Still, the Fleming Museum is more than just a beautiful building. Its impressive collection includes hundreds of pieces from some of America’s best known artists. Highlights include Native American artifacts, various antiquities, European masters, and modern pieces by artists like Warhol, Jasper Johns, Lichtenstein, and Rauschenberg, among others.


Institute of Contemporary Art, Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Commonwealth University’s Institute of Contemporary Art officially opened in 2018, but it’s already established itself as one of the premiere university museums in the country. Housed in a stunningly modern building, the $37 million Institute strives to “prompt interaction and discussion . . . evoke emotion, and drive experiences.” Unlike most other university museums, the Institute of Contemporary Art does not own its own permanent collection. Rather, it showcases revolving exhibitions, performances, and other special programs sure to be of interest to students and visitors alike.


Jundt Art Museum, Gonzaga University

Gonzaga’s Jundt Art Museum is actually three museums in one: the Jundt Galleries, the Chancellor’s Room, and the Arcade Gallery. Each is impressive in its own right. The Jundt Galleries are composed of several exhibitions, while the Chancellor’s Room is home to the university’s many permanent acquisitions. In fact, it is the Chancellor’s Room which houses the university’s most famous piece: the Red Chandelier designed by the famous glass artist Dale Chihuly. The Arcade Gallery also hosts some of the Jundt’s most impressive artwork, including various paintings, prints, photographs, and bronze sculptures done by the French sculptor Rodin.

Washington, D.C.

Gallaudet University Museum

In a city famous for its museums, the Gallaudet University Museum holds its own amongst them all. The music is “dedicated to promoting and interpreting the rich and complex deaf experience.” As such, it presents fascinating exhibits on deaf life and the deaf experience, complete with artifacts both historical and modern.

West Virginia

Art Museum of West Virginia University

The Art Museum of West Virginia University seeks to share the transforming power of art with the greater university community. The museum’s bright and inviting gallery rooms include many different exhibit types. Of these, the exhibits on paintings, sculptures, folk art, and print works are especially impressive. Additionally, the museum includes a two-story Education Center for lectures and theatrical performances, plus the 2.5-acre Nath Sculpture Garden with sculptures from the United States, China, and even Zimbabwe.


Chazen Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison

There’s no question that Chazen Museum of Art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of the best university museums in the country. Bright and sophisticated, the Chazen has become a cultural haven for students and community members alike. Its full calendar of events includes dozens of special events per year, including live chamber concerts and traveling exhibitions. The Chazen’s permanent collection has grown extensively in recent years.


Geological Museum, University of Wyoming

With so many natural wonders to be found in the Cowboy State, it should come as no surprise that University of Wyoming is home to a fantastic geological museum. The museum is welcoming and accessible to visitors of all ages. Guests will love the dinosaur fossils and other paleontology exhibitions, including reconstructed skeletons of both a T-Rex and Pterodactyl. To get the most out of all that the museum has to offer, join one of the guided tours or sign up for one of the many fun educational activities.


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