What Makes a Catholic College a Good Value?

You’re considering applying to a Catholic college, but you’re not sure if it’s a good value or fits your needs. That’s understandable. With so many choices in college and universities, you may feel that you’re limiting yourself by considering only Catholic institutions. Actually, Catholic colleges have a great deal to offer to both church practitioners and those outside its parameters. In general, these schools focus on leadership skills, academic excellence, ethical behavior and social justice, among other unique aspects. Here are some additional reasons you may find Catholic higher education to be a good fit for your academic endeavors.

Academics Are a Priority

Catholic colleges and universities are known specifically for excellence in academics. Higher learning has been a long-standing Catholic tradition. In fact, some of the very first universities were affiliated with monasteries. It’s not unusual for Catholic institutions to show up in the top college rankings of various publications time and again. Schools associated with the Catholic church are among some of the world’s most prestigious and place strong focus on such things as looking at modern societal problems with a critical eye, utilizing creativity in life’s pursuits and fostering an independent spirit in one’s actions.

Much Focus is on Whole Person Development

A strong emphasis on faith exists in Catholic universities. That is to be expected. This focus is offered to those with no Catholic affiliation, as well. Students of faith are given opportunities to engage in fellowship, go on retreats or join faith-based organizations. Those who are not of the Catholic tradition are welcomed and accepted, encouraged to learn and grow at their own pace and of their own choosing. Perspectives go beyond just the Catholic faith and help to produce graduates who are insightful and open to various backgrounds. This focus provides students a unique lens from which to view the ethical dilemmas of today’s modern world.

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Commitment to Social Justice Prevails

At a Catholic institution, you are likely to be encouraged to use your own unique talents and skills to promote social justice in your community. Service is a commitment that has been fostered in the Catholic tradition for centuries. There are even some Catholic institutions that have implemented a service requirement of some kind in order to graduate. This call to help others will likely remain with you throughout your life and become ingrained in how you interact with the world.

Options Exist

When choosing a Catholic college, you really aren’t limiting yourself because there are a variety of options among the different institutions. Each has their own strengths and emphasis in terms of academics, sports offerings and extra curricular activities. In addition, there are schools of differing religious orders, including Jesuit, Sisters of Mercy and Marianist, among others. You can choose by geographic location or even a women’s college or historically black school. There is no lack of options when it comes to Catholic higher education.

You may be surprised just how much these schools have to offer. As you can see, there are a number of reasons why a Catholic college provides students with a good value for their money.

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