What Is a Life Coach?

life coach

A life coach is an independent professional who provides advice, support and direction for clients regarding various personal matters. Life coaches may specialize in helping anyone from delinquent youths to business leaders to recovering addicts. Below introduces the typical job duties for life coaches who specialize in certain demographics.

Mental Health

Many life coaches work within the field of mental health services. Life coaches are usually team members of integrated units that provide individualized community services. They promote client empowerment, self-determination and decision-making. These life coaches provide expertise to their teams through consultations that promote a client-centric culture. They strive to ensure that client’s backgrounds and preferences are understood and integrated into treatment and rehabilitation plans.

Life coaches often work under the direction of the team psychiatrist. They perform case management support functions like creating records, obtaining background information and providing community resource linkages. Mental health life coaches may facilitate socializing groups, offer training activities and host client meetings. They perform mentoring, problem solving and individualized support duties through regular one-on-one meetings with clients. Some states require these life coaches to obtain certification or meet education requirements.

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Youth Life Coach

Some life coaches work as youth mentors and residential counselors in family service programs. Many residential programs provide direct-care services for foster care or delinquent youth placed in the facility. These life coaches are responsible for planning, implementing and assessing programs and activities for clients. Residential youth coaches are responsible for maintaining accurate records, providing constant support and redirection and actively engaging students through structured events. This position can be challenging at times because some youth may exhibit emotional meltdowns or violent reactions because of stress triggers or environmental stimuli. These life coaches must be very patient, understanding and professional at all times. The most successful youth life coaches will translate their passion for the arts, the outdoors and life in general through activities that promote enjoyment and enthusiasm among clients.

Business Life Coaches

Business life coaches are trainers and motivational speakers who inspire change in others by the power of their presence and words. Business life coaches inspire and motivate professionals to perform be better and demonstrate more enthusiasm. They must present succinct, upbeat and motivational messages to various audiences on a regular basis.

They compel their audiences to implement changes in their lives though engaging and educating the audience. They usually work with business reps like HR directors or training coordinators to set up an engagement with a customized speech that focuses on specific topics. These life coaches must have excellent presentation skills. These include the abilities to adeptly use tools like microphones, video equipment, visual displays and presentation software. Business life coaches must always display poise, confidence and impeccable articulation during presentations.

Some life coaches are employed by school districts to lead teams and support programs that help students with homework, life skills, personal health and leadership lessons. They may participate in teacher huddles, pep rallies, class lessons, group meetings and school events. These life coaches will need to have a bachelor’s degree and meet state licensing requirements.