Can You Study Early Childhood Education Online?

The answer to the question, “Can you study early childhood education online?” is easily answered with a “Yes.” Since the study of early childhood education is no longer relegated to the classroom schools across the nation, have moved to offer a variety of courses relevant to early childhood education. Indeed, the online opportunity has exponentially grown the potential for those who love to work with children.

What is Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood education is an essential field of endeavor that can determine the fate of a society. Recognition that early childhood is a unique opportunity to expand a child’s natural curiosity and drive to learn is a crucial social component that elevates a diverse state to greater heights. Those who love to work with children and aspire to lead children to a higher level of learning seek certification in early childhood education. Those teachers who attain a Certification in Early Childhood Development gain knowledge of childhood development changes and how to encourage growth through those changes. Through a grasp of changing world-views that permeate the developing child, an Early Childhood Education professional succeeds in developing a positive outlook toward learning in any student.

What Levels of Degrees are Available in Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood education is not a field reserved for the professional teacher. For those who wish to enter the area without a teaching degree, an Associates Certificate is appropriate. Teaching Associates earn a two-year degree from a Certified Early Childhood Development program. The associate generally begins working with students in a pre-kindergarten or kindergarten setting before advancing to elementary school levels. As pointed out in Education Corner, the Associate is a vital member of the team, especially when working with special needs children. Teachers with Early Childhood Education minors or degrees are in a position to supervise Associates while teaching classes of students. Sometimes, especially with special needs students, the teacher may be managing as many as 10 or more Associates in one class setting. Those educators who pursue a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education find themselves in administrative posts in schools where special needs students are prevalent, for instance in poor inner-city environments.

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Are Early Childhood Education Certifications and Degree Courses Available Online?

In a word, “Yes.” There are hundreds of opportunities to obtain an Early Childhood Education Certificate or Degree online. A simple online search reveals thousands of online programs for anyone wishing to enter the field. Since the advent of the internet, the opportunities online have grown to staggering proportions. Most schools, over the last decade, offered some classes online. The initial experimentation with online classes developed programs that made the interaction between students possible. Due to multiple changes—much like the changes seen during childhood development–complete courses and degree programs are available online for those who find it difficult to attend classes physically.

Is an Early Childhood Education Certificate or Degree Worth the Effort?

The field is expanding rapidly. For those who love to work with children and do not have a teaching degree, the Associate’s degree is worth the hassle of a two-year effort. For teachers who wish to advance their career, a higher degree in Early Childhood Education is overcoming the prestige of Educational Leadership or individual subject areas such as a Master’s in English or Mathematics. And, since you can study Early Childhood Education online, there is little interruption in your family life.