Roosevelt University

Degree Programs Offered at Roosevelt University

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Between the two physical campuses and the online campus, Roosevelt University offers a number of programs that appeal to students with an interest in almost any subject. The university offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) that includes general business courses. Majors can also pick a concentration in:

  • accounting
  • finance
  • marketing
  • human resource management
  • management
  • real estate
  • social entrepreneurship.

accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management, management, real estate or social entrepreneurship. Business majors take classes that include Introduction to Business and Business Communications. In the university’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting program, students take classes and learn how to perform in others before acting on the stage. Some of the other bachelor’s programs offered by Roosevelt University include:

Featured Programs

  • biology
  • criminal justice
  • sustainability studies
  • social justice studies
  • legal studies
  • information technology

An industrial and organizational psychology program is available for graduate students on the university’s Chicago campus. It looks at how humans interact with the environment around them and how they handle tasks at work. A similar program is the university’s Master of Business Administration (MBA), which includes a concentration in industrial and organizational psychology. The hospitality and tourism management graduate program focuses on the skills that managers need when working in the tourism field. Other graduate majors at Roosevelt include:

  • elementary education
  • creative writing
  • math
  • orchestral studies

Students have the choice of earning degrees through the university’s online campus too. The conflict and mediation program is available for graduate students and includes eight-week classes. It looks at the best methods of resolving issues between two or more people/groups. Some of the top majors available for online undergrads:

  • Health science administration
  • hospitality and tourism management
  • psychology
  • sustainability studies

Online graduate students can choose from nearly as many majors, including:

  • second language education
  • hospitality and tourism management
  • teaching and learning
  • training and development.

About Roosevelt University

Roosevelt University is a private university with two campuses in Illinois. Edward J. Sparling worked for the Central YMCA College but worried that the school would limit the opportunities it offered for African Americans and other minority students. He left the college to form a school of his own. That school saw many of the students of the old college enroll, even though it offered fewer resources at the time.

Originally called Thomas Jefferson College, the school quickly changed its name in honor of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt after he passed away. Its name also pays homage to the former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. The college slowly acquired new properties in Chicago that it added to its new campus. Those buildings along with its curriculum helped Roosevelt become a full university.

The Downtown Chicago Campus is the oldest campus owned by the university. It’s home to the first building the university ever purchased. Schaumburg, Illinois is home to a second campus, which has an enrollment of around 2,500 students. The main campus is close to many Chicago employers and makes it easy for students to do internships with those companies. It also offers clubs and organizations for students as well as a few athletic teams. Since adding a virtual campus, Roosevelt University saw its enrollment climb to more than 4,300 students.

Roosevelt University Accreditation Details

Roosevelt has regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The Midwest division of that organization is responsible for making sure that the university maintains the minimum requirements needed for accreditation. To ensure that it does not lose its accreditation, Roosevelt established a committee and asks members to keep an eye on any potential issues that might arise. The university also has program accreditation from 10 different organizations that apply to its programs in:

  • psychology
  • counseling
  • pharmacy education
  • music
  • law
  • chemistry
  • business
  • teaching

It also has approval from the state and for the programs the university designed for veterans and military students.

Roosevelt University Application Requirements

Any student who brings fewer than 15 credits to the university is a first-time freshman. Those students need to complete the Roosevelt section, which asks them to report both their test scores and grades. Once the university reviews the application, it may contact the student and ask for more information, including official transcripts and an ACT or SAT score. Roosevelt can also ask that students write and submit either an essay or a personal statement. Some students may need to submit letters of recommendation too. Roosevelt usually only asks for more information if an applicant has a low test score or GPA.

Though the graduate student application process is similar, the university recommends that students check the application requirements of each program. In addition to a $40 application fee and the application itself, students must provide official transcripts to show the university that they completed a bachelor’s program and have a background in a specific area of study. Roosevelt allows students to apply with unofficial transcripts if they are still in a degree program. Many programs ask for a resume and a letter of intent too, which explains the student’s background and reasons for choosing Roosevelt. Some programs also require letters of recommendation.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of attendance at Roosevelt ranges for undergrad and graduate students enrolled in different programs. Undergrads pay $825 per credit hour for arts and sciences programs and $840 per credit hour for business programs. The university’s 3 + 1 programs charge lower rates of 518 to $588 per credit hour. Undergrads spend an average of $30,000 a year to attend the university. Graduate students also pay different rates based on their programs. The cost ranges from $928 per credit hour in most of the university’s arts and sciences programs to $1,101 per credit hours in any of the Roosevelt business programs.

Roosevelt awards more than $27 million in financial aid to more than 94% of its undergrads every year. Those who complete the FAFSA qualify for government grants such as a Pell grant and for the Illinois Monetary Award Program, which provides Illinois residents with money for school. Federal work study is a program that allows Roosevelt students to work for the university in exchange for money. Graduate students qualify for scholarships of between $1,000 and $8,000 in addition to any government aid that they get. All the degree programs offered by Roosevelt University will consider students for some of the university’s scholarships.