Atlantic International University


Degrees Offered at Atlantic International University

Atlantic International University appears in our ranking of the Top PhD in Accounting Online Programs.

Atlantic International University offers a variety of virtual degrees housed within three colleges. Students can earn their bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and post-doctoral degrees. AIU also has a selection of certificates to choose from.


Featured Programs

  • School of Business and Economics
  • School of Science and Engineering
  • School of Social and Human Studies


  • Administration
  • Branding
  • Human Resources
  • Strategy and Management Quality

Associates Programs

  • Associates of Arts
  • Associates of Business Administration
  • Associates of Science

Bachelors Degrees

  • B.A. in Adult Education
  • B.A. in Bioethics
  • B.A. in Communications
  • B.A. in Criminal Justice
  • B.A. in Fashion Design
  • B.B.A. in Economics
  • B.B.A. in International Business
  • B.B.A in Marketing
  • B.S. in Architecture
  • B.S. in Art History
  • B.S. in Fisheries and Marine Resources
  • B.S. in Bacteriology
  • B.S. in Renewable Energy

Masters Degrees

  • M.S. in Physical Education
  • M.S. in Legal Studies
  • M.S. in Interior Design
  • M.S. in Sociology
  • MBA in Human Resource Management
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Project Management

Doctoral students have the opportunity to pursue the same studies as their graduate counterparts. Atlantic International University also offers a variety of minors including English literature, ethnic and cultural studies, environmental safety, agribusiness, strategic management, and entrepreneurship. At Atlantic International University, students don’t have to follow a common curriculum. Instead, the ideal course of study is constructed after a meeting with an advisor. This method is used so that students can craft a perfect schedule that fits into their academic needs as well as their daily lives.

About Atlantic International University

Atlantic International University was founded on the morals of prioritizing education and the way it fits into one’s life. Having a schedule that is designed to accommodate the needs of each student is exactly how AIU garners success. The university’s sole mission is to provide higher education while simultaneously remaining aware of cultural development and academic excellence. Atlantic International University is committed to evolutionary education that comes from virtual classrooms. The customized curriculum method is designed to assist students in achieving any and all academic goals. Each objective is strived for through an individualized program that encourages comprehension, analytical skills, and basic interpretation. Students receive the necessary tools to successfully complete their degrees at all professional levels. Understanding coursework from a textbook perspective is important for success, AIU provides students with real-world experiences that further prepares them for careers in their field of study.

At AIU, students have the opportunity to create their own schedules through a “self-instruction” environment. Advisors provide each student with guidance as they select their preferred courses and create meaningful schedules that suit their academic pursuits. This AIU method provides a gratifying feeling of deeper personal involvement in their studies. The experiential learning provided through a non-traditional scope means that students can learn at their own comfortable pace and still receive an optimized education.

Atlantic International University has many purposes and missions including encouraging students to take advantage of their freedom to choose their educational experience, instilling confidence, self-reliance, and empowering learners to hone their intelligence and take advantage of their ability to create the future they desire. AIU proudly boasts an academic reputation that is consistently maintained through ongoing partnerships with the community and nonprofit organizations.

Atlantic International University Accreditation Details

Atlantic International University received accreditation from the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC). Atlantic International University is also a member of a number of academic associations which contribute to the credibility of specific programs including:

  • AAA – American Accounting Association
  • AAACE – American Association for Adult & Continuing Education
  • AEA – American Economic Association
  • AHP – Association for Humanistic Psychology
  • ACA – American Counseling Association
  • AFA – American Finance Association
  • ACI – Accrediting Commission International
  • WHE – Women in Higher Education
  • CNS – Cognitive Neuroscience Society
  • AHA – American Historical Association
  • AACIS American Association for Collegiate Independence Study
  • AAPC – American Association for Political Consultants
  • AAPT – American Association for Physics Teachers
  • ASIL – American Society of International Law
  • IACET – International Association for Continuing Education
  • THF – The Heritage Foundation
  • RRA – Religious Research Association
  • UCEA – University Continuing Education Association
  • And more…

Atlantic International University Application Requirements

Students who are pursuing a certificate should have a high school diploma or equivalent qualifications such as a GED. For those who are seeking admissions to the associate’s program, a high school degree or relevant experience is required for consideration. Undergraduate students who are seeking to obtain a bachelor’s degree should have completed high school or an equivalent amount of experience of at least two years. Graduate students must have a bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible for a master’s. Doctoral students should possess a master’s degree and have at least five years of experience that aligns with the program requirements. Post-doctorate students should hold a doctoral degree along with five years of relevant experience.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students who are pursuing enrollment at Atlantic International University must submit a $500 enrollment fee. Undergraduate students will pay $200 per credit, graduate students will pay $350 per credit hour. Atlantic International University offers a pedagogic program, which provides a traditional curriculum. Students pursuing a pedagogic certificate will pay a tuition of $4,000. For an associate’s degree, tuition will be $6,500. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree will pay $10,500. Graduate students will pay a tuition of $11,000 and doctoral students will pay $13,500. Tuition for post-doctorate students will be $14,000. Each of these programs allows students to pay via monthly payments.

Atlantic International University also offers an andragogic program. This is for students who have a customized curriculum. Students pursuing an andragogic certificate will pay a tuition of $2,700. For an associate’s degree, tuition will be $4,500. Students seeking a bachelor’s degree will pay $7,000 and those pursuing a master’s degree will pay $7,500. Doctoral students will pay a tuition of $8,500 and post-doctorate students will have tuition of $9,000. The andragogic program also allows for monthly payments to be submitted.

If you appreciate having the freedom and control over your academic experiences, Atlantic International University is an ideal match for your preferences.