10 Affordable Study Abroad Programs in Europe 2024

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Reviewed by: Melissa Anderson, MS.Ed. | Reading level: Grade 8 | First covered: December 2023

If you love watching Emily in Paris, at some point, you will probably wonder about living or studying in Europe. The good news is there are plenty of affordable study abroad programs in Europe if you know where to look. Europe offers:

  • Quality education
  • Rich culture
  • Cutting-edge technology

This makes it one of the world’s most popular study destinations.

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However, that quality of living comes with a price tag. Each year, millions of students decide to pursue higher education overseas. Research shows that cost is a primary factor affecting the decision to study abroad. 

Featured Programs

While Europe is an exciting continent to delve into learning experiences and exciting adventures, it is among the most costly places to study abroad, particularly for non-EU international students. 

The good news is we have found affordable study-abroad programs that can jumpstart your plans to study in Europe. 

Employers may deem you an asset because of your real-world experiences. In getting your degree, you’ll gain hard and soft skills as well as professional growth.

Affordable Study Abroad Programs in Europe 

#1 Semester at Sea


One amazing and exciting study abroad in Europe experience is offered by Semester at Sea. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore the world. You will study aboard the MV World Odyssey, taking in the always-shifting landscape. You may choose from 70–72 courses in various subjects when traveling on the seven-deck, 590-foot cruise ship. Some of the benefits include:

  • You will travel over 20,000 nautical miles
  • See more than ten countries on five continents
  • Receive 12–15 credits from Colorado State University in one semester.
  • Sail the sea while attending class
  • Gaze up at the Mediterranean stars while watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean

You can garner a lot of experiences while meeting a lot of new faces. 

#2 USAC Poland Program


If you’ve always wanted to explore Poland, joining the USAC Poland Program is great. Kraków is one of Poland’s most historic and enchanting cities. It serves as the program’s operations headquarters. The host city has:

  • A thriving music and art scene
  • Many historical monuments
  • Festivals
  • Events
  • Inexpensive cafés and restaurants 

Kraków is very much a student city. There are more than 30 institutions and thousands of international students studying there. The courses emphasize the history and contemporary economy of Poland. They include:

  • Jewish Studies
  • Central European Studies
  • Economics
  • Politics
  • The Polish language

There are courses in religious studies and European studies. It will teach you about Poland’s past and present. Field trips and extracurricular activities will enhance your learning.

#3 API: Experience Grenoble, France


Grenoble was once a military city. It developed into one of Europe’s leading hubs for innovation, technology, and research. Students studying with API Abroad may look forward to:

  • Attending one of the best colleges in Europe
  • Seeing the French Riviera
  • Learning about the wine business in Burgundy
  • Seeing the wonderful natural beauties of the French Alps
  • Visiting Paris

Discover Grenoble, a renowned university town with a lively and dynamic student body. Grenoble is close to Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, and the Mediterranean. It makes travel and discovering new locations easier.

#4 IES Abroad Madrid


Your classroom will be in Madrid when you join this study abroad program called IES Abroad Madrid. See Madrid’s numerous stunning buildings, churches, and constructions by going on an architectural walking tour. You can explore research centers and museums. These academic programs make the most of what Spain has to offer by utilizing the distinctive and rich history and culture of the nation. When you join this study abroad program, you can choose from homestays, apartments, and residence halls.

#5 CEA CAPA Education Abroad in Florence, Italy


With the help of your instructors, you may discover the city through a range of learning activities in both Italian and English offered by the CEA CAPA. This engaging study abroad program offers practical experience, which will help you stand out from the competitors. You can explore Florence with your CEA CAPA Florence Center professors through various English and Italian classes. Your life will be changed by studying abroad, and your employability will improve as well. The value of this scholarship program will be $400-$3,000. 

#6 CIEE Summer in Lisbon


This summer, take your passion for literature, art, and movies to the energetic city of Lisbon! The capital of Portugal’s coast is an ideal location for a summer abroad living and studying. Gain firsthand knowledge of Lisbon’s rich past while advancing your education with classes on politics, food, and culture. You’ll take classes at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa School of Social Sciences & Humanities. All CIEE students should feel welcomed, supported, and empowered during their study abroad experience. Students with specific identities may encounter certain conditions and cultural attitudes in Lisbon based on information provided by CIEE staff.

#7 IES Abroad Freiburg


Freiburg is Germany’s warmest and sunniest city—a great place to study abroad. It’s simple to enjoy the sunshine by hiking to the Schlossberg Tower for a view or exploring the many conveniently accessible Black Forest paths. Take in the lively student culture of this warm and inviting city, where one-sixth of the population is students. Your courses take advantage of the resources available at your study abroad location and take you beyond the classroom whenever feasible to provide you with practical experience.

#8 CIEE London Open Campus Block


When you join the CIEE London Open Campus Block, you’ll attend a stunning Georgian building with a terrace garden in the center of Bloomsbury, one of central London’s liveliest and most student-populated neighborhoods. Nestled next to the British Museum, CIEE London is conveniently located near Theatreland, Buckingham Palace, and the Thames, making it an ideal starting point for exploring the city. CIEE London features a lounge, cafe, and study facilities ideal for getting together with other students after class.

#9 IES Abroad Paris


Studying abroad in Paris will entice you to spend all your time soaking in the breathtaking art scene and gazing upon cultural icons like the Eiffel Tower. On a typical day, you may stroll along the Seine River, enjoy exquisite French food at a nearby restaurant, and spend hours lost in the city’s alleyways. You can improve your French language and join field trips around the city. This will provide hands-on experience to complement the class material. Experience homestays, residence halls, and apartments vetted by IES Abroad.

#10 CEA CAPA Education Abroad in French Riviera, France


Go to French Riviera, France, if you’re after a subtropical climate. Join the CEA CAPA Education Abroad in French Riviera, France. You may study science, engineering, or business in English at the Bachelor’s Program at SKEMA Business School. Their partner university, the Center International d’Antibes, offers French language and culture courses. The French Riviera offers excellent internship opportunities in addition to hosting the world-renowned Cannes Film Festival.

5 Solid Reasons to Study Abroad in Europe 

There are many reasons students would want to study abroad in Europe. And there are many obvious benefits why it is a fantastic idea. Reasons to study in Europe include:

  • A strong economy
  • A stable political climate
  • An excellent educational system

Millions of international students visit Europe annually, mostly drawn by its hospitable culture and track record of success in the job market. Check out the following benefits of studying abroad in Europe:

Travel Opportunities

Studies suggest that increased travel enhances one’s capacity for creative thought. Nothing beats the knowledge you get when you step outside your comfort zone. And you will explore one of the most beautiful continents in the world. Student visas are available for travel to several European nations, making travel hassle-free. You can easily jump from trains to planes and explore other countries and cities.  

Flexible Study Choices

Nothing really compares to Europe. It possesses:

  • A rich intellectual legacy
  • A continuous record of academic achievement
  • An abundance of highly regarded universities worldwide

In fact, they might have innovative programs that may still not be widely offered all over the US. Furthermore, many colleges have far more flexible study options. You may tailor your degree to fit your interests perfectly by combining courses from several departments.

Excellent Quality of Education

There’s no need to be concerned about Europe’s superior educational system. Chances are, whatever college or university you choose, they are likely to produce an excellent education. Prestigious universities all over Europe promise unparalleled quality of education. Many European institutions also come with renowned and experienced professors and instructors. You will be connected with the best industry leaders and form networks. Since Europe was a leader in the industrial revolution, its superb educational systems are a source of pride for most of its nations.

Diverse Majors and Specializations

Many European schools and institutions produce courses and programs unavailable in other countries. There is a wide range of specializations, from liberal arts to STEM specializations and majors. 

Career Opportunities

Studying abroad will provide you with networking opportunities you would not otherwise have. Combined with the acclaimed quality of European colleges, the benefits should be obvious. Your resume will reflect the benefits right away. A global degree or studying abroad speaks volumes about your ambition and skill sets. Future e

Frequently Asked Questions

How do students choose the best study abroad program?

When selecting a study abroad program, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Here are some factors to take into account, though, to assist you in selecting the programs that are ideal for you:

• Decide the nation—or nations—you wish to pursue college or graduate studies. Research and weigh the pros and cons of attending college in different countries.
• Determine if you can pay for the expenses associated with studying abroad. Eliminate certain options and narrow down your list based on your budget.
• Study abroad options are categorized into year-long programs, month-long language exchange programs, and online study abroad options. Find out which format suits you best with your college major in mind.

Studying abroad is generally beneficial, but are there any cons?

Perhaps a well-known downside of studying abroad is the language barrier. Certain cities or countries in Europe speak little to no English, requiring you to learn their language—a task to add to your list! Foreign cultures can be intimidating, as well.

Is studying abroad in Europe worth it?

Pursuing academic programs overseas is a priceless and enlightening experience that helps students acquire unique skills and perspectives. Studying abroad in Europe, for one, gives you the opportunity to attend colleges and universities that boast an advanced learning approach, state-of-the-art tools or equipment, and a rich educational experience overall.

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