Technical Degrees Online: More Best Values is a continuation of Online Technical Degrees: 10 Best Values 2016. Here we rank more of the top deals in all kinds of technical degrees online, including the top online information technology degree programs.

Columbus State University technical degrees online

Columbus State University’s BSIT is one of several top technical degrees online to offer all four years of coursework through distance education.

20. Columbus State University

Online Information Technology Degree (Bachelor’s)

For a traditional bachelor’s degree in information technology in a nontraditional format, Columbus State University is worth a close look. Its accredited online technical degree in IT covers all four years of coursework, allowing you to attend CSU from start to finish – without the need to earn an associate’s degree first. From general education classes to major classes in Technical Communication, Architecture and Operating Systems, and Information Assurance and Security, Columbus State’s integrated online delivery system will carry you through a complex field of study and into highly coveted careers in database administration, network security, systems analysis, and more.
Net Price: $10,612/yr
Score: 60.55

University of Toledo technical degrees online

An online technical degree from the University of Toledo will qualify graduates for jobs in computer programming, software development, and business technology.

19. University of Toledo

Online Bachelor of Science in Applied Organizational Technology

A B.S. in “Applied Organizational Technology” might sound a bit like a “General Studies” degree, giving the sense that it is too broadly focused to do you much good in the job market. But don’t be fooled! This online technical degree completion program will help you get your foot in the door as an accounting technologist, software developer, computer programmer, or related roles in business. Courses such as Data Analysis for Business, Microcomputer Applications in Business, and Principles of Manufacturing and Service Systems provide a well-rounded set of skills that you can use to get ahead in the increasingly blended world of business and technology.
Net Price: $14,722/yr
Score: 63.33

Oregon Institute of Technology technical degrees online

The Oregon Institute of Technology is a frequent feature on online technical degree rankings.

18. Oregon Institute of Technology

Online Technology Degrees

Plenty of sources agree that the Oregon Institute of Technology is home to some of the best technical degrees online. Nonprofit Colleges and both recognize this school as a mecca of affordable education and great value, and we concur. Oregon Tech is wholly committed to technical pursuits, so you’ll have more than enough degree options from which to choose. Full, four-year undergraduate programs are available in Operations Management, Information Technology, Technology and Management, and Healthcare Informatics, and each is open to both freshmen and transfer students. Online students at Oregon Tech also have access to unique resources – from peer consulting to writing labs to a fully-stocked library – that are typically reserved for on-campus learners.
Net Price: $14,723/yr
Score: 66.82

Elmhurst College technical degrees online

The innovative EC Flex model makes Elmhurst College’s affordable online technical degree both flexible and convenient.

17. Elmhurst College

Online Information Technology Degree Completion Program

Whether you’ve set out to earn your first bachelor’s degree or are returning to school for a second, Elmhurst College’s convenient and accelerated online programs can put you on the fast track to accomplishing your goals. Through the smart EC Flex model, students can enroll in either online or campus classes – or select a mix of both. With eight-week courses, prerecorded webinars, and a public “cloud” of shared academic resources, online students can easily earn their degree in just 14 months. Additional flexibility comes in the form of concentrations (including Digital Cinema, Computer Information Systems, Software Development, and Geographic Information Systems), which guide students through the process of focusing their knowledge and preparing for a highly specialized career path.
Net Price: $21,826/yr
Score: 67.31

Ohio University technical degrees online

Ohio University’s affordable technical degree online is ideal for students who have earned at least 24 credits of relevant academic coursework.

16. Ohio University

Online Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies

With five regional campuses and an expansive eLearning system, it doesn’t get much more accessible than Ohio University. Instead of wasting your time with long commutes and inconvenient class schedules, you can enroll in programs such as the Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies online and free yourself to study on your own terms. Students with an associate’s degree and at least 24 credit hours in a technical field can take advantage of this affordable online technical degree to obtain the professional skills typically associated with baccalaureate-level studies. From labor economics and systems management to business ethics and statistics, this program delivers serious career training to complement your technical proficiencies.
Net Price: $19,613/yr
Score: 67.67

Daytona State University technical degrees online

All of Daytona State University’s affordable online technical degrees emphasize both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

15. Daytona State College

Online Technology Degrees

There’s a reason that bachelor’s degrees in “applied” fields are gaining in popularity in the U.S. While theoretical knowledge is important, the job sector demands students who can do something with this knowledge – not just think about it! Daytona State College recognizes this demand and aims to increase the supply accordingly; with degrees in Supervision and Management, Information Technology, and Engineering Technology, DSC is encouraging students to pursue the kind of online technical degrees that will only prove more valuable with time. And in fact, nearly 90% of Daytona State grads have full-time employment within three months of graduation – a telling statistic!
Net Price: $5,064/yr
Score: 68.65

King University technical degrees online

As one of the best technical degrees online, King University’s BSIT provides useful business training in addition to IT coursework.

14. King University

Online Information Technology Degree (BS)

In today’s technology industry, it is no longer sufficient to have the requisite computer knowledge for a job – you need business acumen and people skills, too. Similarly, modern business professionals are realizing that it is difficult to get ahead without at least some technical proficiency. Enter King University and its accredited technical degrees online, including a B.S. in Information Technology. By combining aspects of IT, networks, and programming with superior business training – along with an emphasis on critical thinking, communication, and problem solving abilities – King prepares students to be competitive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Concentrations in Information Systems, Network Management, and Cybersecurity further strengthen the appeal of this admirably comprehensive program.
Net Price: $16,845/yr
Score: 68.78

Western Kentucky University technical degrees online

The accredited technical degree online at WKU is adaptable to both novice IT students and associate’s degree graduates.

13. Western Kentucky University

Online B.S. in Computer Information Technology

As technological networks expand and the internet consumes the world, businesses are increasingly in need of knowledgeable technicians who are experts in data – specifically, at transmitting and storing it. Although these concerns may seem trivial, the questions of how to reliably transfer information from one place to another, how to keep it safe, and how to hold it securely, are serious ones for IT professionals. At Western Kentucky University, you can earn an online B.S. in Computer Information Technology that will help you answer all those questions and more. Available to both new students and associate’s degree graduates, this cheap technical degree online is rich in knowledge for aspiring web developers, system administrators, and network architects.
Net Price: $11,072/yr
Score: 69.10

Peirce College technical degrees online

Peirce College offers more extra certification options than any other school on this online technical degrees ranking.

12. Peirce College

Online B.S. in Technology Management

Practical knowledge, theoretical knowledge, hard skills, soft skills – you’ll get them all with Peirce College’s B.S. in Technology Management. One of the best online technical degrees for students looking to “stack their credentials,” Peirce offers practically unlimited opportunities to help you stand out in job interviews. Online and on-campus classes such as Database Management Systems and Usability Principles and Design cover the basics of web development and network administration, while courses in Business Continuity and Project Management transfer highly valued leadership skills to eager learners. What’s more, optional IT certifications in A+, Security+, and Network+ provide an additional layer of technical proficiency – and thanks to a partnership with CompTIA, Peirce students can enjoy discounts on their examination fees!
Net Price: $9,302/yr
Score: 69.45

Trident Technical College technical degrees online

The inexpensive online technical degree at TUI is distinguished by its focused concentration options, such as Business Systems Analysis.

11. Trident University International

Online B.S. in Information Technology Management

Trident University International is a frequent feature on our best value lists, and not without cause. The school’s track record of student success combined with its friendly tuition rates make TUI a top contender in any assessment of distance ed. programs, and its affordable technical degrees online are no exception. In particular, the B.S. in Information Technology Management leverages the most important aspects of cybersecurity, network administration, and systems design to create a curriculum that would be an asset to any business professional. But perhaps most notable are Trident’s intelligent concentration options – Business Systems Analysis, IT Project Management, and Information Security – which are designed to help students leapfrog straight into leadership positions within the workforce.
Net Price: $11,572/yr
Score: 71.42

This concludes our ranking of Technical Degrees Online: More Best Values, including the best online information technology degree programs and more.

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