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Liberty University Best theology programs online

Liberty University is one of the largest religious colleges in the country, which makes its online theology degree a popular choice for incoming students.

15. Liberty University

Online Bachelor of Science in Religion – Biblical and Theological Studies

With a Bachelor of Science in Religion from Liberty University, you will be ready for a wide range of careers in ministry. You could find jobs ranging from chaplaincy and clerical work to Christian education, missions, and even social services. This affordable online theology degree program instructs students in the fundamentals of biblical study and encourages them to develop their own higher understanding of the Christian church. Students devote plenty of time to the literature in order to develop their critical thinking, writing, and research skills. You can also use this degree as a platform for further theological studies at the graduate or divinity level.
Net Price: $23,367/yr
Score: 41.59

Virginia University Lynchburg Best theology programs online

The affordable online theology degree at VUL prepares students to be ministers and religious teachers.

14. Virginia University of Lynchburg

Online Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

Virginia University of Lynchburg demonstrates its commitment to lifelong learning with this online theology degree program in Religious Studies. Designed and developed to educate ministers, missionaries, and teachers in the Church, VUL’s Online Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies program helps students develop their spiritual faculties through courses such as Fundamentals of Worship and Christianity in Africa. The degree will also augment your scriptural knowledge and help you build cultural awareness. What’s more, students can use military experience and training towards general education credits. Alongside credit for professional certifications and national exams, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to complete your degree even faster.
Net Price: $15,670/yr
Score: 44.31

Southwest Adventist University Best theology programs online

SAU offers a theology degree online that combines leadership and service learning opportunities in addition to traditional biblical coursework.

13. Southwestern Adventist University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Theology

The ideal pastor is a combination of a strong biblical scholar, compassionate leader, and master storyteller. Southwestern Adventist University’s cheap online theology degree seeks to emulate this blend by offering a unique mix of biblical studies classes, training in church leadership, and service learning. Multiple semesters’ worth of coursework in homiletics (the science of preaching) trains students through the study of metaphor, allegory, and other rhetorical devices. Students will also acquire an intimate knowledge of biblical texts, preparing them to grow as spiritual leaders in their church community from the convenience of their own home.
Net Price: $18,116/yr
Score: 44.54

Andrews University Best theology programs online

This AU program offers classes through three different colleges, making it one of the best theology programs online for students seeking convenience and flexibility.

12. Andrews University

Online Religion and Biblical Studies Degree

Courses at Andrews University are actually available at three different schools – Andrews, Oakwood, and Washington Adventist. AU takes the lead by handling registration and student support, spearheading an Online Religion and Biblical Studies Degree that leverages vast resources to provide a spiritual education of impressive depth and rigor. What other theology degree online, for instance, could say they offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses in Ancient Greek to promote the study of the New Testament in its original language? It is this commitment to a granular knowledge of primary source texts that makes a degree from Andrews so valuable. And when you consider the thought provoking courses you’ll take, like Studies in Daniel/Revelation and The Prophets of Israel, it is easy to see why this program is worth a closer look.
Net Price: $23,620/yr
Score: 46.81

St. Joseph's College of Maine Best theology programs online

The well-rounded online theology degree curriculum at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine incorporates science and liberal arts classes as well as religious coursework.

11. Saint Joseph’s College of Maine

Online Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine offers an Online Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies that has just as strong of a basis in Roman Catholic theology and ministry as it does in liberal arts. You’ll devote 45 credit hours to general studies topics like writing composition, social and natural science, philosophy, and mathematics. At the same time, you’ll give just as much attention to the rigorous theological and biblical topics you love. All in all, Saint Joseph’s stands out among theology programs online in training strong and balanced thinkers who are capable of succeeding in the diocese or public policy industry with equal strength.
Net Price: $25,560/yr
Score: 47.04

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By CVO Staff
Published June 2016

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