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University of North Alabama Best sociology degree online

Elective classes and interesting coursework in sociological topics make UNA’s program one of the best online sociology degrees worth considering.

20. University of North Alabama

Online Sociology Major

A bachelor’s degree in sociology can be your gateway to any number of promising careers, ranging from public health and law enforcement to family services and community planning. Courses like Current Social Problems, Marriage and the Family, and Sociology of Leisure and Recreation provide insights into daily life that are often lost on other students. The University of North Alabama makes it easy for working students to earn their sociology degree online by offering all required courses for the major in a digital format. In addition, a number of electives serve to augment their understanding of sociological concepts.
Net Price: $10,118/yr
Score: 55.07

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Best sociology degree online

The University of Colorado’s sociology degree online program offers plenty of flexibility and accessibility in its course options.

19. University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Online Bachelor’s Degree Program in Sociology

If you are a current student with at least 60 credits or a transfer student with an Associate of Arts degree, you are eligible to complete your sociology degree online at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. With nearly every required course available online every semester—including fascinating upper level coursework such as Digital Society, Eco-Feminism and Nature Ethics, Intersections of Privilege, and Sociology of Medicine—it’s never been more convenient to excel in your studies. UCCS even lets you finish your senior capstone project remotely, allowing you to build your schedule around your life, not the other way around.
Net Price: $13,722/yr
Score: 55.95

University of Northern Colorado Best sociology degree online

The affordable sociology degree online through the University of Northern Colorado offers an accelerated, condensed format to accommodate even the busiest students.

18. University of Northern Colorado

Online Sociology Bachelor of Arts

As the scientific study of human society, the practice of sociology provides many valuable and marketable skills for young people to bring into a new career. At the University of Northern Colorado, students earning their sociology degrees online develop strong communication and analysis skills and learn to process quantitative and qualitative data. You’ll also have the opportunity to apply your insights into culture and behavior to issues in your own life. The best part? Students don’t have to choose between their work and their education. With condensed, accelerated classes, UNC makes it possible to earn 12 credits a term while taking just two classes at a time.
Net Price: $12,978/yr
Score: 56.20

University of Texas Permian Basin Best sociology degree online

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin makes it onto more than one online sociology degree ranking, earning accolades from U.S. News as well.

17. The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Online Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

As one of the top 50 sociology degrees online (according to U.S. News) and a low net price, the University of Texas of the Permian Basin is one of the best options for students looking to earn their degree on a budget. UTPB pulls out all the stops to make students’ educational experience as seamless and efficient as possible, with 8-week courses, identical faculty and coursework to on-campus curriculum, and six flexible start-dates throughout the year. Along with accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and a tempting 12-month timeline, this online sociology degree offers a quality experience at a quick pace.
Net Price: $8,245/yr
Score: 56.89

Fort Hays State University Best sociology degree online

The sociology degree online at FHSU strikes a nice balance between major-specific coursework and liberal arts core classes.

16. Fort Hays State University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

The online sociology degree program at Fort Hays State University combines a liberal arts core with a thorough introduction to sociological methods. Requirements in foreign language, international studies, and general education distributions ensure students get the strong interdisciplinary foundation they need to apprehend the furthest reaches of sociology and its implications. From there, FHSU’s online students can pursue fascinating research into the study of everyday human behavior and its effects on society. Courses such as Principles of Culture, Social Inequality, and Popular Culture provide a breadth of understanding that students can take into an equally broad range of careers.
Net Price: $11,698/yr
Score: 56.95

Central Washington University Best sociology degree online

Students get an in-depth look at all aspects of human behavior through Central Washington’s affordable sociology degree online.

15. Central Washington University

Online Sociology Degree

In just two years, a bachelor’s degree in sociology can be yours through Central Washington University’s inexpensive online sociology degree program. Over the course of this 45 credit-hour major, students delve into complex social issues like crime and criminality, economic and social inequality, and the structures of social institutions. The ultimate goal is for students to acquire a “big picture” understanding of human social behavior and relationships. And as long as students have an associate’s degree or enough transfer credits to satisfy CWU’s general education requirements, they can finish this degree from home on their own schedule.
Net Price: $14,199/yr
Score: 58.08

Oregon State University Best sociology degree online

Unlike some online sociology degrees, this OSU program prepares graduates to be serious contenders in the job market.

14. Oregon State University

Online B.A./B.S. Sociology

For two years running, Oregon State University has received one of the highest online sociology degree rankings from U.S. News and World Report. With accreditation from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and faculty renowned around the world for their research, OSU helps students reach their full potential through a rigorous curriculum. Sociology students engage critically with topics like class, gender, and culture alongside studies in modernization and globalization, gaining a sense of self-awareness that will serve them well in diverse careers. As a result, OSU sociology grads find jobs in law, social services, education, and other industries that rely on strong human understanding.
Net Price: $16,462/yr
Score: 58.14

South Dakota State University Best sociology degree online

One of the best online sociology degrees for an interdisciplinary focus, SDSU combines a variety of topics in criminology, politics, and statistics.

13. South Dakota State University

Online Bachelor of Science – Sociology

Those looking to understand the whole picture —as well as their place within it— are well suited to be sociologists. At South Dakota State University, sociology students try to make sense of family dynamics, crime and deviant behavior, government policy, and more through qualitative and statistical analysis of human behavior patterns. Through the process of earning their sociology degree online, SDSU students develop a better picture of society and learn to use evidence to build arguments. Lastly, a solid grounding in communication skills will help you explain your findings to other sociologists and laypeople alike.
Net Price: $15,380/yr
Score: 58.64

University of Nebraska Kearney Best sociology degree online

University of Nebraska students who enroll in this affordable online sociology degree program can earn both a major and minor without taking any time off of work.

12. University of Nebraska at Kearney

Online Bachelor of Science in Sociology Degree Completion Program

Designed to accommodate working and rural students who require more flexible scheduling, the University of Nebraska at Kearney’s online Bachelor of Science in Sociology completion program is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to earn a degree from home. Although UNK’s prerequisite and general studies courses are not available through distance ed., transfer students and associate’s degree holders can finish this 36 credit-hour program entirely online. And thanks to its flexibility, you’ll be able to work through the entire online sociology degree – including the 24 credit-hour required minor – in just a few years, even while holding down a full-time job.
Net Price: $14,553/yr
Score: 60.21

Western Kentucky University Best sociology degree online

Western Kentucky University offers an accredited online sociology degree that covers everything from communication to pop music.

11. Western Kentucky University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

If you think about it, so much of human life and activity is social—which means it falls under the purview of sociology. Choosing to pursue an online Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at Western Kentucky University therefore allows you to examine virtually any subject that interests you, from the sociology of labor to the sociology of pop music. Along the way, you’ll improve your oral and written and communication skills; learn to work collaboratively with others; and articulate and solve problems you didn’t even realize existed before. And before you know it, you’ll end up earning your online sociology degree without ever having to attend a single class in person.
Net Price: $11,072/yr
Score: 60.65

This concludes our ranking Sociology Degree Online: More Best Values for 2016.

By CVO Staff
June 2016