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Keiser University Ft. Lauderdale Online IT Degrees

Keiser University offers an affordable IT online degree completion program with a focus on management.

15. Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale

Online Information Technology Management, BS (IT)

Technology and business are as inseparable as money and power, which is why a bachelor’s degree in information technology management can be so useful in building a successful career. Combining the management, communications, and financial strategies inherent to a comprehensive business education with the technical fortitude of a more conventional IT degree, Keiser University’s cheap online information technology degree gives students the best of both worlds. As a degree completion program, it is perfect for students and working professionals with an associate degree in computer science (or a computer-related field) who are looking for a way to increase their demand in the industry.
Tuition and Fees: $21,129/yr
Score: 54.68

The College of St. Rose Online IT Degrees

St. Rose offers some enticing internships as part of its online IT degree program.

14. The College of Saint Rose

Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

With the pace of technology moving so quickly, the skills you need to enter the industry are always changing. The College of Saint Rose helps students gain traction in a high-tech career by covering all their bases; from programming and software development to database design and computer networks, an affordable online information technology degree from St. Rose helps students diversify their skill sets and keep up with the latest and greatest practices in the digital world. Computer students at St. Rose have even found internships at Google, IBM, and small tech startups to develop their skill sets while earning college credit.
Tuition and Fees: $23,490/yr
Score: 55.75

Western Kentucky University Online IT Degrees

The highly affordable IT online degree at WKU is a great deal.

13. Western Kentucky University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology

Many programs like to advertise the career opportunities available to their graduates. When it comes to the IT program at Western Kentucky University, however, this list is so long it would be easier for the school to advertise what students can’t do. One of the best information technology degrees online, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology from WKU can open the door to everything from network architecture and system/database administration to web development or computer security consulting. What’s more, WKU reports that nearly 90% of students who apply for financial aid from this already highly affordable program receive some form of aid, making it one of the best deals as well.
Tuition and Fees: $11,072/yr
Score: 56.43

Daytona State College Online IT Degrees

A cheap online degree in information technology from Daytona State could open the door to a rich future.

12. Daytona State College

Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Offering a digital program for distance learners since 1996, Daytona State College has nearly 20 years of experience helping working students and parents achieve their career goals. And with an affordable online information technology degree, it’s never been easier to break into a challenging and promising career in IT, digital security, web development, or one of the multitudes of new jobs that startups and entrepreneurs are creating every day. This 100% online program provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the state of the world of information technology today, featuring robust coursework in operating systems, networks, programming, digital forensics, and databases.
Tuition and Fees: $5,064/yr
Score: 59.55

Peirce College Online IT Degree

Peirce College’s versatility and affordability deserve a mention on our best online IT degree ranking.

11. Peirce College

Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Whether you are a bona fide IT professional looking for a new direction or you’re just setting out to earn your career stripes, acquiring an information technology degree online from Peirce College is a great way to take advantage of the burgeoning job market in tech. Peirce offers degrees in both Information Technology and Tech Management, both of which you can leverage into exciting careers in such fields as app development and tech administration. Peirce also partners with CompTIA, which can help students earn additional professional certifications (such as Network+ and/or Security+) for nominal additional costs.
Tuition and Fees: $9,302/yr
Score: 59.84