In this ranking, we examine the best value colleges for an online business degree in 2016.

Business is one of the most popular majors at nearly every level of study – and for good reason. The aptitudes you obtain through a business program, including communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills, are essential for almost any career path you could choose. As such, an online business degree is one of the most important options a college could offer – and thankfully, one of the most prolific! On this page we have only listed the top 10 best value colleges for business degrees online, but you can always see our page of “Business Degree Online: More Best Values” (linked at the end of the article) if you want some additional reading.

The Baptist College of Florida Online Business Degree

For students who want an education from a religious college, BCF has one of the best online business degrees around.

10. The Baptist College of Florida

Online Business Leadership Major

Whether they are looking to make a name for themselves in the “church or the marketplace,” the Baptist College of Florida provides distance learners of faith with a great opportunity to develop their business acumen at a low price. In addition to asynchronous coursework in pragmatic business subjects like income tax, personal/business finance, marketing, and economics, BCF’s online business degree program sets itself apart with a theological requirement in Biblical Hermeneutics and Bible Book Study. Through this uniquely dichotomous curriculum, the Baptist College of Florida upholds its commitment to cultivating ethical leadership and spreading the teachings of Christ through prosperity and success.
Net Price: $6,812/yr
Score: 73.39

Texas A&M Commerce Online Business Degree

TAMU Commerce’s affordable online business degree program is rigorous, but worth the commitment.

9. Texas A & M University-Commerce

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

At Texas A & M University-Commerce, they know just how marketable a degree in business can be—that’s why they require their business administration students to get two! With a required minor (the department recommends Interdisciplinary Studies), business administration students at TAMUC double their demand in the workforce while expanding their insights into the multitude of challenges facing the business industry. As not all university requirements are available online, this program is ideal for degree completion or transfer purposes – especially since TAMUC only guarantees the online availability of upper level business courses.
Net Price: $8,625/yr
Score: 73.69

Humphreys College Online Business Degree

Humphreys’ affordable business degree online offers multiple specialization options.

8. Humphreys College-Stockton and Modesto Campuses

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The rules of the business world are always changing, which is why a business degree online can be so useful for working professionals. At Humphreys College, students with full-time jobs can earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) completely online, while selecting from concentrations in Management, Accounting, Marketing, and Human Resources Management. In all four technology-driven programs, Humphreys provides an insightful survey of the basics of modern business with a focus on problem solving and external management, plus coursework in fields as diverse as economics, communications, business policy and law, and finance.
Net Price: $14,712/yr
Score: 73.91

University of Illinois Chicago Online Business Degree

The cheap online business degree at UIC is ideal for students who already possess an associate’s.

7. University of Illinois at Chicago

Online Bachelor of Business Administration

The cheap online business degree completion program at the University of Illinois at Chicago is designed to provide students with an all-around review of the functions and skills required to make a business not only run and operate, but also grow and thrive. Students with associate’s degrees or at least 60 relevant credits from another institution can join a cohort program that provides outstanding student and career resources for an online degree. Plus, with an alumni network of over 33,000 professionals, campus recruitment from over 500 companies, and flexible scheduling tailored to your needs, UIC is one of the best online business schools out there.
Net Price: $11,567/yr
Score: 74.49

Brigham Young University Idaho Online Business Degree

BYU’s accredited business online degree is perfect for entrepreneurs and creative innovators.

6. Brigham Young University-Idaho

Online BS in Business Management (Entrepreneurial Management Emphasis)

You don’t need to have your own business to put your BS in Business Management (with Entrepreneurial Management Emphasis) from Brigham Young University-Idaho to good use. With a combination of hands-on and theoretical coursework in sales and negotiations; web business creation; business communications; and marketing management, this degree is well suited for any enterprising student—young or old—who means business. And since they can complete all 120 credits of this program entirely online, BYU students enjoy the much-needed flexibility to keep their day jobs, take on an internship, or even start their own business!
Net Price: $7,968/yr
Score: 78.00

University of Minnesota Twin Cities Online Business Degree

UM-Twin Cities has one of the best online degrees in business when it comes to variety and flexibility.

5. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Management, BS Online

At the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, the opportunities for an enterprising business student are only limited by his or her imagination. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your house to pursue a business degree online in international business, entrepreneurship, management, manufacturing management, or finance. With asynchronous coursework that you can conveniently complete from home, even full-time professionals and parents can take the next step to being a global decision-maker. But if you do have a flexible schedule you can take advantage of one particularly unique perk, as distance learners at UMN are eligible for many of the university’s popular study abroad programs!
Net Price: $15,589/yr
Score: 78.51

Appalachian State University Online Business Degree

ASU’s cheap business degree online emphasizes leadership and real-world skill development.

4. Appalachian State University

Online Management (BSBA)

Like psychology, business management is about understanding both how people behave in organizations, and why they do so. With a Management BSBA from Appalachian State University, students acquire the technical, critical thinking, and leadership skills required to understand and motivate others in any professional setting. Coursework in finance and entrepreneurship also prepares students to be effective decision-makers in high-stakes situations. And since all the upper-level business administration courses are available online to distance learners, this program is particularly appropriate for transfer students or others who have completed the prerequisite coursework at another accredited institution.
Net Price: $11,508/yr
Score: 79.97

Wright Career College Online Business Degree

Of all the schools on this business degree online ranking, WCC is one of the most accessible for local students.

3. Wright Career College

Online Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration

Wright Career College is in the business of making business-makers. Through their hybrid-online business degree program, distance learners gain practical knowledge and skills in accounting, organizational management, human resources development, and project management. But while the coursework for this program is available online, you won’t be able to satisfy all the requirements from your computer; BSBA students at Wright who elect for the hybrid-online program must still attend residential laboratory sessions to attain hands-on experience in simulated business environments. But with campuses in Overland Park, Wichita, Omaha, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa, WCC has gone a long way in making sure your commute is a short one.
Net Price: $13,915/yr
Score: 80.95

University of Florida Online Business Degree

The accredited business degree online at the University of Florida is just as challenging as the traditional on-campus option.

2. University of Florida

Online BS in Business Administration

The key to a successful business isn’t simply understanding all the different moving parts, but understanding how they all work together. Nationally ranked by U.S. News (#29 nationally) and the Wall Street Journal (from a survey of corporate recruiters), the University of Florida is one of the best schools to get a degree in business online. Unlike some other schools on our business degree ranking online, this comprehensive program is available entirely through distance education portals. Even so, the University of Florida ensures that you’ll enjoy the full experience of a traditional business degree, and its wide selection of online courses cover essential business topics such as business law and statistics, management, finance, and marketing.
Net Price: $14,786/yr
Score: 81.44

Family of Faith College Online Business Degree

FFC’s perfect graduation rate and affordable price make it one of the best cheap business degrees online.

1. Family of Faith College

Online Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministry (Business Emphasis)

There are a lot of accredited online business degree programs out there, and plenty of programs in church ministry, as well, but how many schools allow you to study both simultaneously? Family of Faith College’s interdisciplinary online program, which features a combined emphasis on biblical/theological studies and professional studies, invites students of faith to grow as both spiritual and financial leaders in their community. What’s more, Christian service requirements round out this holistic program by encouraging online students to get off their computers every once in a while. And while the college’s business curriculum may not be “standard” by some definitions, it has done little to compromise students’ success. In fact, FFC has earned the top spot on this online business degree ranking precisely because of how well its students do: the school’s 100% graduation rate is hard to beat!
Net Price: $14,860/yr
Score: 82.81

This concludes our ranking Online Business Degree: 10 Best Values 2016 – but be sure to see Business Degree Online: More Best Values 2016 for more of the best online business degrees.

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