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For years, psychology has been one of the most popular college majors for undergraduates. Why? Two reasons. One, psychology courses give students a general understanding of the human mind – including the way people tend to make decisions – that can be quite useful in both personal and professional environments. Two, most psychology degrees are broad enough that graduates have the flexibility to apply for jobs in industries as diverse as business, law, and education. Online psychology degrees in particular are especially popular because many of them are available 100% through distance education. This is because psychology classes tend to focus on theory and (unless you are preparing for a clinical career) don’t necessarily require face-to-face experiences such as practicums or internships.

Northern Arizona University best online psychology degree

Online psychology degree students at NAU can also find success in business and marketing.

10. Northern Arizona University

Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degree

For students looking to earn their psychology degrees online, North Arizona University provides a broad survey of theoretical and practical topics within the discipline that they can complete entirely from home. Combining coursework in human cognition, learning, and development with clinical and social psychology, NAU’s psychology program provides both the analytical framework and professional skills necessary to pursue a wide range of careers in the field of psychology and beyond. From human resources and management to marketing and sales, students equipped with a robust understanding of the mind and mental processes are bound to succeed.
Net Price: $12,946/yr
Score: 72.94

Blue Mountain College best online psychology degree

Blue Mountain College is one of the best online psychology degree options for Christian students.

9. Blue Mountain College

Online BS in Psychology

Rene Descartes, a Christian scholar, inaugurated the field of psychology with his immortal dictum, “I think, therefore I am.” Blue Mountain College continues the venerated tradition of Christian scholarship in this field by providing one of the most affordable psychology degrees online. In fact, this program was recognized in 2014-15 by Affordable Colleges Online for this distinction. But Blue Mountain doesn’t cut any corners to get there. With a psychology degree from Blue Mountain, students learn to not only help others develop their potential, but also gain insight into their own behaviors and mental processes.
Net Price: $9,244/yr
Score: 73.49

American Public University best online psychology degree

American Public University has one of the best online psychology degree programs in the country from the affordability standpoint.

8. American Public University

Online Bachelor’s Degree for Psychology Professionals

At American Public University, working professionals can find an affordable online psychology degree program specifically tailored to their needs. In addition to the unprecedentedly low tuition for this program, APU makes it even more affordable and convenient for students by accepting transfer credit from academic and even work-related experience/training. In fact, APU reports that as much as 50% of students receive such credit, exchanging work they’ve already done to bring them an additional step closer to a promising new career in human services, criminal justice, business, politics, and other in-demand fields.
Net Price: $9,572/yr
Score: 73.49

University of Minnesota Duluth best online psychology degree

The University of Minnesota at Duluth gives online psychology degree students the opportunity to participate in teaching assistantships and internships.

7. University of Minnesota Duluth

Psychology Major-Online

Looking to start a career in psychology, but don’t think you have the time or money? If you have completed an associate’s degree and/or have met the requirements of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, you are eligible to enter the psychology degree completion program at University of Minnesota Duluth. This affordable, accelerated program allows students to complete their upper-level psychology coursework completely online so that they don’t need to sacrifice any of their day-to-day work and household responsibilities. Outside of the classroom, UMD even offers research and teaching assistantships, internships, and independent study opportunities alongside Psi Chi (a national psychology honors organization) and Psychology Club for ambitious students who want to continue to grow and network.
Net Price: $15,681/yr
Score: 74.31

Oregon State University best online psychology degree

Oregon State University is a feature on multiple best online psychology degree rankings.

6. Oregon State University

B.A./B.S. in Psychology-Online

Ranked the sixth top program in the nation out of all the best psychology degrees online (The Best Schools, 2015) and the fifth best online bachelor’s program in the nation (US News, 2015), Oregon State University’s reputation precedes itself. This program is recognized nationally for its excellent cost; student-faculty ratio; and retention, graduation, and job placement rates. Whether you are looking for a career in marketing research, social services, law enforcement, clinical psychology, or virtually any other role in the field, OSU provides one of the most reputable credentials to help you get where you want to be.
Net Price: $16,462/yr
Score: 74.45

Westfield State University best online psychology degree

This affordable psychology degree online completion program has accelerated courses and summer sessions.

5. Westfield State University

Psychology Degree (B.A.), Online Completion

Westfield State University has established a solid reputation in academic circles by developing students who possess the exact skills that employers need the most. For its online psychology degree students, this means incorporating classes that will help them grow into communicative, flexible, and imaginative workers – in addition to understanding critical psychological theories, of course! Although WSU’s B.A. in Psychology is only a degree completion program, it’s worth a close look from anyone who needs to fulfill upper-level credits. But it’s an especially good fit if you’re a local community college graduate; after completing the requirements of the “Mass Transfer Compact,” you can make a smooth transition to WSU and – thanks to year-round study and accelerated course options – graduate in a fraction of the time!
Net Price: $15,498/yr
Score: 76.24

Florida International University best online psychology degree

The accredited online psychology degree at FIU is one of the most popular choices for distance learners.

4. Florida International University

Online BS in Psychology

With 2,400 psychology majors with individual goals and needs, it’s not hard to see that Florida Institutional University has their work cut out for them. Yet FIU keeps all these students engaged and challenged by offering one of the fastest, most convenient, and flexible online psychology degrees in the nation. In addition to offering accelerated courses and a high-tech online platform, FIU pairs each student with a “personal success coach” who provides one-on-one academic, career, and time management guidance. All these factors come together to make FIU graduates leaders in scientific research and human behavior.
Net Price: $11,552/yr
Score: 76.65

Washington State University best online psychology degree

The accredited psychology degree online at WSU combines coursework in business, law, education, and even medicine.

3. Washington State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Accredited by the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities, Washington State University is one of the few institutions in the state that offers online psychology education that meets the rigorous standards of modern experimental and clinical research. With expert faculty active in healthcare, research, and social work, this program is tailored for students looking to acquire the vocational training necessary to start a career in health and human services; business management; and research development, as well as those looking to pursue higher education in psychology, sociology, law, medicine, and education.
Net Price: $16,427/yr
Score: 77.34

University of Central Florida best online psychology degree

The University of Central Florida’s affordable online psychology degree is also rigorous.

2. University of Central Florida

Online Psychology B.S.

At the University of Central Florida, students with an associate’s diploma in related fields can earn their psychology degrees online for a fraction of the price and time it would cost at a comparable institution. Although admission standards are relatively rigorous (prerequisite courses include biology, mathematics, statistics, and a year of foreign language training), eligible students are compensated with a program that rewards hard work with research, fieldwork, and internship opportunities outside of traditional coursework. UCF is not permitted to provide online instruction in all states, so check the website to see if yours qualifies.
Net Price: $14,745/yr
Score: 82.83

University of Florida best online psychology degree

The University of Florida has the top spot on this best online psychology degree programs ranking thanks to its balanced, in-depth curriculum.

1. University of Florida

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The coveted #1 position on this list goes to the online psychology degree program at University of Florida thanks to a curriculum that masterfully combines the natural and social sciences. With broad-reaching course requirements in psychology, statistics, mathematics, biology, and more, UF provides students with a comprehensive liberal education that affords multiple perspectives on this enormous discipline. And owing to the mutual breadth and depth of this degree, graduates of this program enjoy an equally wide range of career opportunities in education, personnel management, and business and marketing—not to mention healthcare and counseling!
Net Price: $14,786/yr
Score: 85.71

This concludes our ranking of the 10 best online psychology degree programs for value, but be sure to visit our Online Psychology Degree Programs: More Values for more of the best online psychology degrees.

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